Proposed changes to the road layout and red route controls on A22 Godstone Road

Closed 14 Jul 2017

Opened 12 Jun 2017

Results updated 26 Mar 2021

Between February and June 2021, we are carrying out work along parts of Godstone Road from approximately its junction with Foxley Hill Road to Old Barn Lane.

Working in sections, we will update red route signs and lines, some parking and pavement areas and pedestrian crossings.  

Copies of letters to residents and businesses, detailing where we are working and what we are doing can be found below.

A22 Godstone Road letter two - dated 26 March 2021 (PDF 210KB)

A22 Godstone Road letter one - dated 25 January 2021 (PDF 122KB)


Between 12 June and 14 July 2017, we consulted on proposed changes to the road layout and amendments to red line controls along the A22 Godstone Road from Foxley Hill Road to Old Barn Lane in the London Borough of Croydon.

Our proposals included: changes to double and single red lines and red route clearway controls; changes to bus stop facilities: improved zebra crossings; and, changes to road layouts at some side road and designated parking areas.


We received 114 responses to the consultation (including 18 responses from stakeholders), of which:

  • 34% of respondents supported or strongly supported changes to red lines and red route clearway controls; 29% were opposed or strongly opposed
  • 35% of respondents supported or strongly supported proposals to make changes to bus stop facilities; 19% were opposed or strongly opposed
  • 48% of respondents supported or strongly supported proposals to upgrade and widen zebra crossings; 9% were opposed or strongly opposed
  • 38% of respondents supported or strongly supported proposals to make changes to the road layout; 16% were opposed or strongly opposed

Following careful consideration of the consultation responses received, we have decided to proceed with the scheme as proposed, with the following alterations:

  • Kenley Memorial Hall: we will extend the parking bay at the front of the hall to create space for five more vehicles. This will become a continuous parking bay with a two-hour parking limit throughout, applicable Monday to Saturday, 7am to 7pm, with no return for four hours. Parking remains unrestricted on Sundays
  • St James’s shops - 32-40 Godstone Road: subject to the outcome of site investigations and underground surveys we’ll see if it’s feasible to move the bus stop outside the dry cleaners at 34 Godstone Road to create additional parking space for up to four vehicles
  • Valley View Gardens, near Garston Lane: we are contacting residents in this vicinity to assess the need for two existing disabled parking bays adjacent to 300 Godstone Road. If these are not required we will issue a traffic order to notify our intention to change the disabled bays to standard bays. This would increase standard parking space by two places
  • Station Road junction with Godstone Road: we are bringing forward plans to reconstruct the road layout during 2019 instead of 2020 to deliver these road safety benefits sooner
  • Parking along Godstone Road between Waterbourne Way and the private access road: we will now introduce single red lines instead of double red lines along this section of the road. Single red lines will keep this section of the road clear of parked vehicles between 7am and 7pm Monday to Saturday. Parking would be permitted between 7pm and 7am Monday to Saturday and all day Sunday which will benefit local residents

For further details, please view our consultation report and response to issues raised documents below.

Consultation Report (PDF 3.55MB)

Response to Issues Raised (PDF 1.44MB)

Next steps

We expect to proceed with our plans for Godstone Road based on the following indicative timetable:

Early 2019

  • Advertisement of local Traffic Regulation Orders
  • Changes to red route signs and lines, including an extended parking bay at Kenley Memorial Hall
  • Refreshed bus stop and road markings
  • Station Road road layout improvements

Late 2019 to early 2020

  • Remainder of road layout improvements
  • Zebra crossing improvements
  • Changes to bus stop facilities
  • Parking bay and pavement resurfacing       

Thanks to all those who provided their views – we appreciate your patience in waiting for our reply.

Results Updated 21 Sep 2018

Having taken into account all the comments received during consultation, we are continuing to explore potential options for proposed changes to the road layout and red route controls on A22 Godstone Road.

We aim to release our consultation report, our response to the main issues raised during consultation and our decision as to how we will proceed later this year.

We would like to thank interested parties for their continued patience whilst we continue to review our findings.


We are responsible for the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN) – also known as 'red routes' because of the painted red lines. The TLRN keeps traffic moving safely by not permitting vehicles to stop or park at locations where it will be dangerous or disruptive.

We are proposing changes to the road layout, and amendments to single and double red line controls along the A22 Godstone Road from Foxley Hill Road to Old Barn Lane in the London Borough of Croydon. This section of Godstone Road forms part of the TLRN.

Our proposals involve the introduction of new double red lines along some sections of the road. Where these are proposed, parking would no longer be possible.

What are we proposing?

Our proposals fall into four categories:

Changes to red route controls – including the introduction of new sections of red line to enhance safety, the conversion of some single red lines into double red lines, and the introduction of new double red lines within current red route controls.

Changes to bus stops – including the relocation of two bus stops and changes in kerb heights to make it easier to get on and off the bus

Upgrades to four zebra crossings – including wider crossings to make these a more prominent feature of the road and create a safer place to cross

Changes to the road layout – including new paving and some resurfacing, a kerb build out at Station Road to increase visibility when exiting the junction, and the provision of a new red route parking bay near to Old Barn Lane

To describe our proposals in more detail, we have separated Godstone Road between Foxley Hill Road and Old Barn Lane into 14 sections. These are shown on the 'Key to Drawings' below.

We would encourage anyone currently using these sections of Godstone Road for parking and/or loading to view our proposals in more detail.

Key to drawings

Click here for a larger version of the above image (PDF)

Each section in detail

Please select on the section(s) you wish to look at more closely using the following links:

Section 1
Sections 2 and 3
Section 4
Sections 5 and 6
Section 7
Sections 8 and 9
Section 10
Section 11
Sections 12 and 13
Section 14

Why are we proposing this?

Our proposals seek to address issues highlighted to us by local residents, where inconsiderate and in some cases illegal parking is occurring very close to side road entry and exit points, and on the pavement along Godstone Road.

Our proposals are designed to improve sight lines to make it easier for cyclists, motorists and pedestrians to see each other and hence improve road safety. We also want to make clear where parking is allowed and help promote a good through-put of vehicles accessing local businesses.

A reduction in poor and inconsiderate parking and improved visibility would lead to a safer road environment, reduced congestion and improved journey times. This would help to reduce collisions and conflict, and keep traffic flowing along this strategically important section of the TLRN.

Our proposals in more detail

Changes to red route controls
The absence of signs and lines along some sections of the road is creating difficulty at a number of locations, and in particular where vehicles park too close to side roads or on pavements. This makes it difficult for road users to see each other and dangerous for pedestrians trying to cross the road.

We are also aware that the same vehicles often stay in parking bays longer than they should. This results in fewer shoppers having access to businesses in the area.

To address these issues, we propose to protect legitimate parking and clarify red line controls where parking is not permitted for safety reasons by:

  • Changing red line controls from single to double red along various sections of Godstone Road, including where red route clearway controls are currently in operation, and introducing double red lines where these are currently absent and where no parking occurs
  • Changing the red route parking controls outside Kenley Memorial Hall from ‘at any time’ to a one hour limited stay between the hours of 10am to 4pm Monday to Saturday (see drawing section 8)
  • Introducing double red lines where inconsiderate and illegal parking takes place and where we consider that road safety would be improved. In particular:

-           the extension of double red lines by Station Road, Waterbourne Way and Old Barn Lane to prevent parking too close to the junction and increase visibility junction (see drawing sections 7,  9 and 14)

-           the introduction of double red lines along Godstone Road from Waterbourne Way to Garston Lane and on the approach to Old Barn Lane (see drawing sections 9, 10, 11 and 14)

  • Southbound, existing red route controls would start at the Godstone Road junction with Garston Lane junction (see drawing section 11), and end on the approach to Old Barn Lane (see drawing section 14)
  • Northbound, the existing red route clearway would start after the Godstone Road junction with Old Barn Lane (see drawing section 14), and end on the approach to the Godstone Road junction with Valley View Gardens (see drawing section 11)

Changes to road crossing and bus stop facilities
We want to provide pedestrians with safer and more visible points to cross the road. We have also reviewed the positioning of some of the bus stops and consider that these could be improved. We propose:

  • Upgrading and widening four zebra crossings within the proposal area. We would install the latest tactile pavement to guide those with visual impairments. Where possible, extended zig-zag lines would help make each crossing a more prominent feature of the road. Subject to confirmation of funding, we would also update the beacon posts and lighting at each crossing. (See drawing sections 1, 4, 11 and 12)
  • Minor adjustments to kerb heights, and pavement resurfacing at bus stops to make it easier to get on and off the bus. This would particularly benefit wheelchair users who require our ramp, and buggy users
  • Slight relocation of three bus stops (on route 407):

-           Kenley Treatment Works bus stop D would be repositioned away from the side road entry to no’s 33-73 Godstone Road. A proposed extension of footway would improve bus stop accessibility (see drawing section 10)

-           Garston Lane bus stop E would move further along Godstone Road to accommodate proposed widening of the zebra crossing (see drawing section 11)

-           The bus stop south of Old Barn Lane (outside the waste handling site) would be relocated north of Old Barn Lane, towards Devon Close. Here, a new pedestrian crossing island is also proposed. This would improve access to the bus stop, make it easier to cross the road and prevent other vehicles from over-taking the bus when it is at the stop (see drawing section 14)

Changes to road layouts and pavement, and resurfacing
We are proposing minor changes to the layout of the road, pavement resurfacing and new paving at various points. New paving and a contrasting road surface within the parking bays at Kenley Parade and Norfolk Terrace would clearly define where parking is permitted, and help to create a smarter and lighter environment. Our proposals in more detail:

  • Pavement resurfacing along Godstone Road from it’s junctions with Lower Road and St James Road, to Kenley Parade (see drawing section 4)
  • New paving for the pedestrian area, with a contrasting road surface for the parking bays along Kenley Parade; plus new cycle parking on the pavement outside Top Café (see drawing section 5)
  • Pavement reprofiling and new paving for the pedestrian area, with a contrasting road surface for the parking bay along Norfolk Terrace between the Godstone Road junctions with Hayes Lane and Station Road. This includes an improved pedestrian area outside The Kenley Hotel (see drawing section 7)
  • At Station Road a new raised table and an extended pavement area would be created by building out the kerb at the side turning. This would improve visibility and make it safer to enter and exit the junction with Godstone Road (see drawing section 7)
  • To accommodate the Station Road kerb build-out, the designated red route parking bay outside Kenley Memorial Hall would move further along Godstone Road by approximately one vehicle space, with no reduction in parking (see drawing section 8)
  • A kerb build-out to create a new red route parking bay outside Rose House and Crown House on the Godstone Road approach to Old Barn Lane (see drawing section 14)
  • A realigned kerb at the Godstone Road junction with Old Barn Lane to improve access, increase visbility and slow vehicles when entering and exiting the road (see drawing section 14)

Our package of measures
As part of these proposals our package of measures would also include:

  • Refreshing existing bus stop markings, red route lines and white road markings
  • Updating existing road signage where required
  • A review and general tidy up of street furniture along the proposed area

Your views are important to us
The responses to this consultation will help inform our decision making as to whether we go ahead with the changes as proposed or make changes to our designs. Our highway works contractor would then develop detailed designs.

Subject to the outcome of this consultation, confirmation of funding and coordination with any other roadworks in the area, we would like to make changes to signs and lines in late 2017, and start constructing the new road layout during 2018. Updates would be provided nearer the time and in advance of any works.

Have your say

We would like to know what you think about our proposals for the A22 Godstone Road.

Please give us your views by completing the online survey below by Friday 14 July 2017.

Alternatively, you can:

View our drawings

Complete sets of our proposal drawings are also available to view locally at:

Purley Library: ‎Banstead Road, Purley CR8 3YH (except Wednesdays and Sundays)

The Kenley Hotel: 62 Godstone Road, Kenley CR8 5AA (from 12 noon each day)

Kenley Memorial Hall: 92 Godstone Road, Kenley CR8 5AB

You can also request paper copies of some or all of our proposal drawings and a response form; copies in Braille, large text or another language by emailing, in writing to FREEPOST TFL CONSULTATIONS (no stamp required), or by telephoning 0343 222 1155


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