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Closed 1 Oct 2017

Opened 21 Aug 2017

Results Updated 24 Jul 2018

We have now published our Consultation Report.

We recognised that a number of respondents were worried that banning the right turns into Chapel Street and Chester Street would significantly increase the number of vehicles turning right into Wilton Street. This right  turn was not prohibited in the scheme proposed at consultation.

As a result of this feedback we have reviewed the scheme and will additionally be prohibiting vehicles from turning right into Wilton Street.

We also propose to implement the scheme before any major traffic management scheme is developed for the nearby Victoria Gyratory network, especially in respect to strategic east to west movements through the area.

We plan to implement the banned turns in 2019. We will also further develop the plans for the crossing at the Hyde Park gyratory end of Grosvenor Place and the impact on traffic in the area before finalising our plans for implementation..


We are proposing road safety improvements on Grosvenor Place between Duke of Wellington Place and Wilton Street. Our proposals include new pedestrian crossings at the top of Grosvenor Place and measures designed to reduce collisions involving turning vehicles.

What are we proposing and why?

Analysis of collision data shows that there have been a number of instances involving right turning vehicles and straight ahead northbound traffic on Grosvenor Place. To minimise the potential for such collisions, we are proposing to prohibit some of the currently permitted turns for vehicles.

We’re also proposing to make it easier for people to cross Grosvenor Place by providing new signalised crossings and a larger island on Grosvenor Place, close to the junction with Duke of Wellington Place.

Our proposals fall into five categories:

1) Banned vehicle movements to improve safety

In order to reduce potential conflicts involving right-turning vehicles, we propose to ban the following turns for all vehicles:

  • No entry from Grosvenor Place into Chapel Street. We would ban the right and left turns for vehicles. Traffic counts show a maximum of 164 vehicle movements in the morning peak and 279 vehicle movements in the afternoon peak for right turning vehicles and a maximum of 31 vehicle movements in the morning peak and 36 vehicles in the afternoon peak for left turning vehicles
  • Right turn from Grosvenor Place into Chester Street. Traffic counts show a maximum of 62 vehicles in the morning peak and 98 vehicles in the afternoon peak making this turn. We would also extend the existing traffic island opposite Chester Street, which would also physically prevent vehicles turning right into and out of Chester Street
  • Right turn from Wilton Street onto Grosvenor Place. Traffic counts show at least 50 vehicle movements every hour between 09:00 and 19:00 - sometimes reaching 70 – 80 vehicle movements

As well as reducing the potential for collisions, the changes would also improve traffic flow along Grosvenor Place southbound.

Click here for a larger version of the above map (PDF)

2) New crossings and more space for pedestrians at Duke of Wellington Place
New fully accessible, signalised, surface pedestrian crossings and a larger pedestrian island at Duke of Wellington Place would provide an alternative to the existing subways, which are not accessible for mobility impaired people and are closed overnight. The larger island would also encourage drivers to slow down when approaching the gyratory

3) Larger vehicle waiting areas and lane widening

  • Extend the right turn pocket into Wilton Street by 59 metres from 26 metres to 85 metres to accommodate vehicles waiting to turn onto Wilton Street without obstructing the offside lane
  • By removing the vehicle waiting areas for right turning traffic at Chapel Street and Chester Street we would be able to redistribute space and widen the traffic lanes to better suit traffic conditions

4) Relocating loading bay on Chester Street
Relocate an existing 16 metres long loading bay from Grosvenor Place to Chapel Street to prevent loading vehicles blocking the northbound bus lane. This relocation is expected to improve traffic flow and bus journey times

5) Bus lane hours
Extend northbound bus lane hours of operation from 7am to 10am and 4pm to 7pm to Monday to Sunday 7am to 7pm to improve bus journey times and reliability. Taxis, motorcycles and bicycles would be allowed to use the bus lane, as they are at present. Other vehicles would not be able to enter the bus lane (including for parking and loading on single red lines) during the operating hours

Traffic impacts

Our traffic modelling shows that the scheme would have a neutral impact on journey times for general traffic and buses on Grosvenor Place. Traffic that would have made one of the previously permitted right turns from Grosvenor Place would need to use alternative routes.

Have your say

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You can also request paper copies of all the consultation materials and a response form by emailing consultations@tfl.gov.uk, or writing to FREEPOST TFL CONSULTATIONS.

Subject to the outcome of this consultation, we would plan to start construction in Spring 2018.  


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