Have your say on proposed changes to parking restrictions between 49A and 63 Kew Road

Closed 17 Oct 2016

Opened 5 Sep 2016

Results Updated 24 Feb 2017

In autumn last year, we consulted on proposals to change the parking arrangements between 49A and 63 Kew Road, in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. The aim of the proposals is to improve traffic flows on the approach to Richmond Circus roundabout, which are affected when vehicles are parked between 49A and 63 Kew Road.

We received 23 responses to the consultation and, of these, 20 answered a question on whether they supported or opposed these proposals. All 20 answered by stating that they either fully or partially supported the proposals.

Having reviewed the responses to the consultation, we have decided to proceed with the changes described in our consultation material. We intend to implement the changes in summer 2017, subject to funding and other factors. We will contact residents, businesses and property occupiers with relevant information before the start of any construction work in their area.

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Update - 7 September

We have updated the answers for Question 1 as there was an error in the wording of the question that asks for information on how respondents use the area around these proposals, and how they heard about the consultation. This error has now been corrected. Respondents are now able to answer the question with relevant answers.

End of update

We are proposing to make changes to the parking arrangements on a section of the A307 Kew Road. The existing single red line restriction would be changed to a double red ‘any time’ restriction between 49A Kew Road - close to the junction with Clarence Street - and 63 Kew Road, where it would join up with the existing double red lines. The purpose of the proposed change is to relieve traffic congestion and improve bus journey time reliability on the approach to the Richmond Circus one way system.

What are we proposing?

Currently, a single red line allows vehicles to park here any time except Monday – Saturday 7am-7pm. However, it has been observed that vehicles parked on the road in front of 49A-63 Kew Road can make it significantly more difficult for general traffic, including buses, to progress towards Richmond Circus. Access for right turning vehicles from Church Road onto the northbound Kew Road can also be impeded if this section of the road is being used for parking.

The introduction of a ‘no parking at any time’ restriction would help to reduce the delays that the parking area is contributing to. It would also help to regulate traffic flow towards the junction with Richmond Circus, bringing greater consistency to the area across both peak and off-peak periods.

Residents and business owners that currently park on the single red lines in front of 49A-63 Kew Road would need to use alternative parking places. For short term loading stops this is most likely to mean parking on Clarence Street, which can be accessed from Twickenham Road and Parkshot.

Traffic Impacts

We have undertaken traffic modelling investigations of these proposed changes and it is anticipated that there would be a positive outcome for road users, with traffic flows approaching the junction with Richmond Circus becoming easier and more consistent.

A map showing proposed changes to parking restrictions on A307 Kew Road

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Have your say

We would like to know what you think about these proposals. Subject to feedback from this consultation, we would aim to start construction in spring 2017.

You can let us know your views by taking part in our online survey below.

Alternatively, you can:

  • Email us at [email protected], or
  • Write to us at FREEPOST TFL CONSULTATIONS - please reference ‘Roads– Kew Road’

This consultation closes on 17 October 2016.


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