Proposed changes to Mina Road junction with Old Kent Road

Closed 14 Sep 2018

Opened 13 Jul 2018

Results updated 28 Nov 2018

We consulted about plans to make Mina Road a better place for walking and cycling by making it no entry, apart from cyclists, from the junction with Ivy Church Lane.

The vast majority of respondents were supportive of our proposal to make Mina Road no entry, apart from cyclists, from the junction with Ivy Church Lane. This would prevent northbound traffic from entering from Mina Road onto B203 Dunton Road. It would also prevent stopping on the hatch markings at the junction with the A2 Old Kent Road, blocking the crossing and causing delays and danger to all users of the roads in this area. The detailed comments on the scheme indicated that many respondents felt Mina Road was currently being used as a ‘rat run’ to access the A2 Old Kent Road, however there were some concerns over traffic being displaced and contributing to congestion elsewhere in the local area.

There were numerous requests relating to enforcement; including installing CCTV cameras and/or barriers to help enforce the new restrictions. Respondents were concerned that without this the restrictions would be flouted consistently.

Conclusion and next steps

We received 57 responses to the consultation and three responses from local stakeholders. 100% of respondents answered the question regarding whether they agreed or disagreed with the scheme. 81% supported our proposals and 14% opposed our proposals.

After considering all responses, we plan to proceed with the scheme as consulted upon. Works are planned to commence in spring/summer 2019.

Our consultation report including responses to issues raised can be found below.

Consultation report (PDF 533KB)


We are proposing to alter the section of Mina Road between Ivy Church Lane and A2 Old Kent Road and would like to hear what you think about this.

Mina Road would be no entry, apart from cyclists, from the junction with Ivy Church Lane. This will prevent northbound traffic entering from Mina Road onto B203 Dunton Road, to prevent stopping on the hatch markings at the junction with the A2 Old Kent Road. This movement can cause congestion and a road safety risk to all users.

Motor vehicles would not be able to use Bagshot Street and Mina Road for  access onto the A2 Old Kent Road. The scheme would improve conditions and safety for local residents and cyclists. The reduced amount of traffic will create a safer environment.

Road users who normally would use Mina Road to access the A2 Old Kent Road would need to use Bagshot Street, Albany Road and Shorncliffe Road. The parking and loading bays on the northern side section of Mina Road would remain unchanged. 

Our plans form part of the Mayor of London’s plan for Healthy Streets - a long-term vision to encourage more people to walk, cycle and use public transport by making London’s streets healthier, safer and more welcoming. By providing more high quality spaces we can encourage more people to use these healthy and sustainable forms of transport, whilst keeping other traffic moving.

These improvements will contribute to Healthy Streets by encouraging more people to walk and to cycle. It will also help reduce journey times for bus passengers, in line with the Mayor of London’s Healthy Streets Approach, which aims to improve conditions for people using public transport, walking and cycling.

 A detailed map of our proposals can be found below.

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