A12 Redbridge Roundabout – road safety measures and new wayfinding signage

Closed 4 Aug 2017

Opened 7 Jul 2017

Results Updated 23 Mar 2018

We received 155 individual responses to this proposal, plus one petition with 137 signatures on it. Thank you to everyone who provided their views. We use these to inform our final decisions on how to proceed. 

We have thoroughly researched the views and suggestions put to us. Further detail on how people responded can be found in our report below.

Next steps

Having carefully considered the comments and suggestions put to us, we intend to proceed with the scheme as set out originally. Work to make the changes will begin in mid to late 2018.

We have provided responses to the key issues raised by respondents. Set out in the report below.

Click here for our consultation report (PDF 123KB)

Click here for our response to the main issues raised (PDF 215KB)

Redbridge Lane East

To fully answer some of the concerns about this particular arm of the junction we have undertaken thorough computer simulated traffic modelling. This looks at anticipated impacts if changes were made to the Redbridge Lane East arm such as installing traffic signals.

Comparison between existing and proposed showed a significant increase in queuing on the A406 southbound approach and a large increase in journey times. In addition this model indicated it would take twice as long to exit Redbridge Lane East.

In addition we have also conducted a ‘live’ trial of alternative signal times on the entire roundabout, to aid exiting from Redbridge Lane East. The results of this trial show that delay increased on the A12 corridor, encouraging drivers to use Redbridge Lane East as an alternative. Further tweaking of the times has allowed a better balance to be found that didn’t encourage an increase in rat running.


We are planning changes to Redbridge Roundabout to improve safety and traffic flows. The key features of our plans are:

  • Improved directional and lane markings with arrows and text to better direct traffic
  • Cutting back the kerb line to remove a pinch point on the southeastern edge of the roundabout
  • New wayfinding signage to help pedestrians and cyclists navigate the roundabout
  • New shared pedestrian and cycle facility on southern footway between Royston Gardens and Redbridge Lane West

The changes to the lane markings and kerb line are designed to improve the flow of traffic in all lanes. Widening the road on the southeastern edge will provide more space for larger vehicles, making it easier for them to navigate and exit the Roundabout.

The drawings below show the changes in more detail. We plan to implement these changes in spring 2018.

Click here for a larger image of the above map (PDF)

Click here for a larger image of the above map (PDF)

Redbridge Lane East

We assessed the option of installing traffic signals at the junction of Redbridge Lane East and Redbridge Roundabout to reduce congestion on local roads.  Our data showed that installing new signals would make traffic conditions worse and lengthen queues on Redbridge Lane East.

We expect the measures to improve traffic flow will make it easier for vehicles to join the roundabout from Redbridge Lane East.

Comments and Questions

If you have any comments or questions about these changes please complete the online survey below by Friday 4 August 2017.

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