Proposed changes to the junction of Roehampton Lane/Roehampton High Street/Danebury Avenue

Closed 9 Dec 2016

Opened 28 Oct 2016

Results Updated 4 Jul 2017

We received 129 responses to the consultation. Of these, 106 answered a question about whether they supported our proposals affecting the junction, and 89 per cent indicated that they fully or partially supported them. There was an equivalent question for our proposed changes to Roehampton High Street, and of the 106 people who answered it, 80 per cent were in full or partial support.

We received a variety of comments, including from key stakeholders such as elected representatives and local community groups. Issues raised included concerns that the proposals would generate additional congestion and that Roehampton High Street would be too narrow to facilitate a contra-flow cycle lane.  Some respondents were also concerned that parking spaces would need to be removed to facilitate the scheme.

After considering the responses, we intend to progress with the scheme, although we have made some minor modifications to the proposals we consulted on to reduce traffic impacts to Roehampton Lane. These changes primarily focus on bringing the northern pedestrian crossing point on Roehampton Lane and the Danebury Avenue pedestrian crossing point slightly closer to the centre of the junction. The kerb build out on Danebury Avenue has also been reduced slightly to better permit long-wheelbased vehicles to turn in and out of Danebury Avenue more easily.  We anticipate the modifications will result in neutral impact to traffic flow on Danebury Avenue.  We aim to start construction by the end of 2017.

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What are we proposing?

Together with Wandsworth Council, we have developed a set of proposed improvements to pedestrian and cycling facilities around the junction of Roehampton Lane/Roehampton High Street/Danebury Avenue, and on Roehampton High Street.

The proposed changes would make it easier and safer for pedestrians to complete crossings at all four arms of the junction, and would provide cyclists with better opportunities to pass safely through the junction in advance of general traffic. The scheme would also enable cyclists to travel westbound along Roehampton High Street, using new contraflow road markings and a dedicated signal at the junction with Roehampton Lane.


TfL and Wandsworth Council are consulting jointly on these proposals, and will continue to work in close co-operation when deciding the outcomes of the consultation.  We have included a drawing of the proposals with this letter. It shows the point on Roehampton High Street where responsibility for the road moves from one Highway Authority to the other. Each Highway Authority, either TfL or Wandsworth Council, is responsible for making decisions on changes to their roads.

What we are proposing

At the junction of Roehampton Lane/Roehampton High Street/Danebury Avenue:

  • Provide new low-level early release cycle signals on Danebury Avenue and Roehampton High Street
  • Move the existing pedestrian crossing of the southern arm of Roehampton Lane 5m closer to the junction entrance, to provide a more direct crossing point for pedestrians and make the junction operate more efficiently
  • Build out the kerb lines at the junctions of Danebury Avenue with Roehampton Lane, north and south arms, to encourage slower speeds for turning vehicles and reduce pedestrian crossing distances. At Roehampton Lane north the crossing distance would be reduced by approximately 2 metres, and at Danebury Avenue by approximately 5 metres
  • Increase the width of the pedestrian crossing areas at Danebury Avenue and Roehampton Lane south by approximately 0.5 metres
  • Provide a two-stage right turn facility from northbound Roehampton Lane onto Roehampton High Street, making it easier and safer to turn right. Instead of having to cross lanes of moving traffic and then wait in the centre of the junction, cyclists would be able to wait in the designated area and proceed with the green signal to complete their right turn in two stages. You can find an instructional video at
  • Replace the existing cycle feeder lane on the junction approach of Danebury Avenue with another that is approximately 12 metres longer and 0.3 metres wider, to provide a safer space for cyclists

TfL would resurface the junction at the same time that these changes are carried out.

On Roehampton High Street:

  • Permit contraflow cycling westbound on Roehampton High Street between Treville Street and Roehampton Lane, to enable cyclists to avoid Medfield Street and Roehampton Lane. Contraflow road markings would be provided to highlight the presence of cyclists travelling westbound towards the junction
  • Provide a short section of segregated cycle lane westbound on Putney Heath, between its junctions with Dover House Road and Treville Street, to protect cyclists in this area
  • Provide new road markings to demarcate the parking area on the westbound side of Roehampton High Street

Traffic impacts

TfL has carried out traffic modelling for these proposals. The results indicate that the proposed changes can be accommodated without undue delay to any road user.


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Have your say

We would like to know what you think about these proposals. Subject to feedback from this consultation, we would aim to start construction in summer 2017.

You can let us know your views by taking part in our online survey below.

Alternatively, you can:

  • Email us at, or
  • Write to us at FREEPOST TFL CONSULTATIONS - please reference ‘Roads– Roehampton’ in all communication

This consultation closes on Friday 9 December 2016.


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