Have your say on proposals for Shoreditch High Street between Hackney Road and New Inn Yard

Closed 21 May 2017

Opened 31 Mar 2017


We would like your views on plans to improve safety for cyclists using the proposed Central London Grid route between Rivington Street and Calvert Avenue (find out more at tfl.gov.uk/cycle-grid). This route forms part of the Quietway 13 cycle route, linking Farringdon to Broadway Market, being developed in partnership with the London Boroughs of Hackney, Islington and Tower Hamlets.

The junction changes would make cycling across Shoreditch High Street safer, helping to accommodate a predicted increase in cycling along this east-west route.

Other measures proposed include a new southbound bus lane on Shoreditch High Street to help protect bus journey times, along with a larger traffic island at the junction of Shoreditch High Street and Hackney Road to improve pedestrian and cycle provision.

Our proposals are in line with the Mayor’s Healthy Streets for London plan, which aims to encourage more Londoners to walk and cycle by making streets healthier, safer and more welcoming. Find out more at tfl.gov.uk/healthy-streets-for-london (PDF)

What are we proposing?

Click here for a PDF copy of Section 1 - Shoreditch High Street, Hackney Road to New Inn Yard
Click here for a PDF copy of Section 2 - Shoreditch High Street, Hackney Road to New Inn Yard

Junction of Shoreditch High Street with Rivington Street and Calvert Avenue:

The following measures would make it safer and more comfortable for cyclists to travel east-west through this staggered junction across Shoreditch High Street:

  • We would introduce a right-turn ban for all traffic except cycles exiting Rivington Street into Shoreditch High Street. This would improve safety for cyclists waiting to turn into Rivington Street and pedestrians using the nearby pedestrian crossing. Our latest traffic counts show a maximum of 33 vehicles per hour making this right turn, and we are satisfied alternative routes exist
  • We would remove a southbound general traffic lane on Shoreditch High Street to accommodate two new right-turn pockets and three new traffic islands. The traffic islands would protect road users waiting to turn right into either Rivington Street (cycles only) or Calvert Avenue (all traffic)
  • We would reduce the size of the footway by a small amount on the northern corner of Shoreditch High Street and Calvert Avenue to accommodate the turning movements of larger vehicles once the new traffic islands are in place

Junction of Shoreditch High Street and Hackney Road:

  • We would enlarge the traffic island to the west of the southbound slip road, reducing the carriageway width and the number of southbound lanes from two to one. This would create more footway space for pedestrians and reduce the distance people have to cross. Making this section of road a single lane for motor traffic would also create space for an advisory southbound cycle lane and reduce the likelihood of conflict between cyclists and motor traffic

Shoreditch High Street:

  • We would install a new southbound bus lane (operational Monday to Saturday, 7am to 7pm) in place of a general traffic lane from south of Rivington Street to the pedestrian crossing opposite New Inn Yard. This bus lane would also be available to cycles, taxis, motorcycles and coaches. The loading bay outside the Ace Hotel, and the existing bus stand and bus stops on Shoreditch High Street would not be affected by the bus lane

Traffic impacts

We carried out traffic modelling analysis to understand how our proposals might affect journey times through the scheme area. We found that during peak times some journey times for buses and general traffic are expected to increase and some to decrease, but all changes are expected to be less than a minute.

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