Have your say on proposals to extend bus lanes in Streatham High Road northbound between Becmead Avenue and Drewstead Road

Closed 14 Mar 2017

Opened 1 Feb 2017

Results updated 15 Nov 2017

Having considered all the responses to consultation, as well as conducting a subsequent Road Safety Audit, we have made some modifications to our proposals, which include:

  • Changing the hours of operation to two loading and disabled parking bays and reducing the length of one of these bays along this stretch of Streatham High Road northbound
  • Changing the hours of operation and reducing the length of one parking bay along this stretch of Streatham High Road northbound
  • Converting the parking bay outside 34-36 Streatham High Road to a loading and disabled parking bay
  • No longer proposing to inset the loading bay at 148 Streatham High Road
  • Extending the bus lane as far as the crossing south of Broadlands Avenue instead of to Drewstead Road. This would provide vehicles turning left into Drewstead Road greater opportunity to move safely into the nearside lane
  • Other aspects of the scheme will remain as initially proposed. Proposed changes to loading and disabled parking would reduce the likelihood of stationary vehicles blocking buses.

We will consult on these proposed changes from Wednesday 15 November to Wednesday 13 December 2017. Our proposals can be found here at: https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/roads/streatham-high-rd



Buses play a vital role in our transport system, providing people with easy access to homes, workplaces, town centres, and so on. We want to maintain a reliable bus network, which is why we regularly assess bus routes to see if there are opportunities to redesign the roads in a way that would make bus journeys more efficient. These changes help maintain and shorten journey times for passengers.

We would like your feedback on proposed changes to Streatham High Road northbound between Becmead Avenue and Drewstead Road. The changes are designed to reduce journey times and improve journey reliability for bus passengers.

The A23 Streatham High Road is an important bus corridor, with around 90 buses per hour in the peak period, and carrying tens of thousands of people daily. Additional sections of bus lane would help buses to bypass general traffic, while changes to parking and loading would reduce the likelihood of stationary vehicles blocking buses.

What are we proposing?

The proposed changes are described in detail below, and please also refer to the detailed drawing further down this page:

Extend northbound bus lanes
We would convert a northbound general traffic lane on Streatham High Road into a bus lane operating Mon-Sat 7am-7pm, starting north of Becmead Avenue and ending near Drewstead Road. The lane would be open to buses, coaches, motorcycles and scooters, as well as cycles and taxis.

The new bus lane would be continuous, except at the approaches to the junctions of Streatham High Road with Woodbourne Avenue, Kingscourt Road, Norfolk House Road, Mount Ephraim Road and Broadlands Avenue. At these locations, general traffic would be allowed to enter the bus lane to access the side roads.

The parking bays on Streatham High Road would continue to operate as they do now, with vehicles allowed enter the bus lanes during the parking bays’ hours of operation.

Inset an existing loading and disabled parking bay
The existing loading and disabled parking bay outside 148 Streatham High Road (New Look, Poundland and Nationwide) would be inset one metre into the footway. This would allow buses to pass stationary vehicles, while still leaving a large area of footway. We would not change the size or operating hours of the bay.

A map showing proposals on Streatham High Road between Becmead Avenue and Drewstead Road

Please click here for a larger version of the above map (PDF)

Other potential changes in the Streatham area
We are carrying out a comprehensive review of the A23 through Streatham. This involves not only bus priority proposals, but also looking at cycling, road safety and environmental improvements. We will continue to review this busy traffic corridor and town centre in order to identify where there is scope to make changes. We would consult on any further proposals before implementation

Have your say

We would like to know what you think about our proposals  at Streatham High Road

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