Cycle improvements along Tanner Street / Druid Street

Closed 19 Nov 2017

Opened 28 Sep 2017

Results Updated 1 Aug 2019

The cycle routes that used to be called Cycle Superhighways and Quietways are now known as Cycleways. These are routes that link communities, businesses and destinations across London in one cycle network. To find out more, please visit our website:

Results Updated 13 Dec 2018

During Autumn 2017 we consulted on proposals to make changes to cycling provision along Tanner Street to link Quietway 14 with the proposed Cycle Superhighway 4.

We have now reviewed the 174 responses we received, of which 128 strongly supported our proposals, 11 supported, two neither supported or opposed, eight opposed, and 25 strongly opposed. 

We made some small changes to the pedestrian provisions we originally proposed, which include:

  • One new pedestrian crossing
  • Widening of the existing pedestrian crossing across Tanner Street from 2.4 metres to 3.2 metres
  • Count down facilities on the traffic lights
  • A bus island accessed via mini zebra crossings and delineated cycle track from the decluttered footway

The full consultation report, including responses to issues raised, can be found below:

Consultation Report (PDF 1.33MB)

We consulted on these proposals at the same time as Cycle Superhighway 4.  You can find out more about the outcome of that consultation here:

Results Updated 4 April 2018.

Last autumn, we consulted on proposals to make changes to cycling provision along Tanner Street. We thank everyone that took part in this consultation. We are currently reviewing the comments and feedback received. We will publish our consultation report later this year, setting out detailed responses to the issues raised as well as the next steps.


We would like your views on our proposals to make changes to cycling provision on Tanner Street. As part of these changes, a segregated two-way cycle track would run along the eastern side of Tanner Street and join the proposed Cycle Superhighway Route 4 (CS4) on the northern edge of Jamaica Road.  Tanner Street forms part of Quietway 14, linking Tower Bridge Road to Canada Water. Quietways are a network of cycle routes throughout London, linking major destinations and are especially helpful for those who wish to use quieter, low traffic routes.

These changes have been designed to make cycling easier, safer and more attractive. We’re also proposing changes for pedestrians, including a new signalised pedestrian crossing on Druid Street and changes to footways. The proposals form part of the Mayor of London’s plan for Healthy Streets - a long-term vision to encourage more Londoners to walk and cycle by making London’s streets healthier, safer and more welcoming.

Proposed changes on Tanner Street/Druid Street

Click here for a larger version of the above map (PDF)

Signalised junction at Tanner Street/Druid Street junction
We would upgrade traffic signals at the Tanner Street / Druid Street junction. This junction currently prioritises Tanner Street’s one-way south-westbound traffic over traffic from Druid Street. Signalising the junction would allow safer two-way cycle movement between the Tanner Street / Druid Street junction and Jamaica Road. In addition, it will provide a new signalised pedestrian crossing across Druid Street

Cycle-specific traffic lights
We would install low-level cycle-specific traffic lights at this junction to permit cycle movements from:

  • Tanner Street rail tunnel north to Tanner Street / Jamaica Road
  • Druid Street (south-eastern arm) to Tanner Street rail tunnel
  • Tanner Street (northern arm) south to Tanner Street rail tunnel

Widened pedestrian crossing
We would widen the current pedestrian crossing across Tanner Street from 2.4 metres to 3.2 metres to allow more people to use it

New slip lane for cyclists
We would introduce a new slip lane for cyclists wishing to travel eastwards along Druid Street from Tanner Street (north arm)

Weight restriction introduced for motor vehicles
We would introduce a 7-tonne vehicle restriction for traffic wishing to turn left into the Tanner Street rail tunnel from Druid Street. This is to prevent larger vehicles encroaching on the new cycle lane. During our traffic surveys there were no vehicles making this turn.

Proposed changes on Tanner Street to Jamaica Road

Narrowing Tanner Street to one lane
The width of Tanner Street would be narrowed to one lane. This is anticipated to reduce vehicle speeds along this one-way street but is not expected to lead to congestion

New segregated cycle track
We would build a new, 3 metre wide, two-way segregated cycle track between Tanner Street / Druid Street junction and Jamaica Road to make it easier and safer to cycle along this section of Tanner Street

New bus stop bypass
We would introduce a new 3 metre wide bus stop bypass to accommodate the two-way cycle track. People catching a bus or continuing along the footway would need to cross the cycle track using marked crossing points. The cycle track would bend around the bus stop in order to provide a 3 metre wide pedestrian island. The narrowness of the existing footway (2.4 metres) and presence of railings mean it is not possible to retain a continuous footway of sufficient width on the other side of the new cycle track.

Click here for more information about bus stop bypasses

Footway improvements at entrance to the Arnold Estate
We would raise the road surface at the entrance to the Arnold Estate to give reduce motor vehicle speeds. We would also give priority to cyclists on the two-way track over turning traffic

Loading bay outside 296 to 301 Tanner Street
We would shorten the loading bay from 29 metres to 13.6 metres. This follows the results of a recent occupancy survey. The new length is anticipated to be sufficient for demand. It would also be partially inset into the footway, improving the traffic flow along Tanner Street

Improved footway outside shops at 296 to 132 Tanner Street
The footway outside the shops is currently cluttered with cycle parking and a little-used phone box which is in poor condition. There is scope to improve this area of footway by aligning the street furniture and removing the phone box. This would increase effective footway width and improve the street environment 

Other sections of this Quietway
The section of Quietway Jamaica Road to Dockhead would run along the proposed Cycle Superhighway Route 4 (CS4) on Jamaica Road. Please use the web link to see further details of the CS4 route, from Tower Bridge to Greenwich and have your say on our proposals.

Our changes complement Southwark Council’s proposal to introduce a stepped contraflow cycle track on a widened footway underneath the rail bridge between Maltby Street and Druid Street in the spring of 2018

Traffic impacts

We have carried out traffic modelling on the proposed scheme and predict that there will be a negligible impact to traffic and bus services.

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