Proposed changes to the (A3) Tolworth Road - Kingston Road junction

Closed 5 Jan 2020

Opened 29 Oct 2019

Results updated 20 Jul 2021

Following the review of consultation responses, we are now working on developing the detailed design of the scheme.   

Subject to funding, we will work with the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames and other stakeholders to deliver this scheme. Having analysed the consultation responses and considering the current and forecasted traffic in and around the Tolworth Roundabout junction area, we are planning to implement the scheme with some changes following the consultation and further reviews of the area. The changes are:  

  • Keeping the subway entrance/exit ramp at the Sunray Estate side of the junction but removing one set of steps instead 
  • Changing the design of the drop off area outside of the Hollywood Bowl 
  • Investigating options to remove pinch point for cyclists travelling northbound at Tolworth National Rail station 

We are now working on developing the detailed design of the scheme. We anticipate starting work in late 2022 with the construction taking around six to nine months.  

The publication of this consultation report was delayed due to the pandemic. Our project staff were furloughed and delivery of projects paused. Our consultation report can be found below.

Consultation report Tolworth Road - Kingston Road junction

Our programme of investment in Healthy Streets restarted in December 2020, upon approval of funding from central Government, and the Tolworth project was restarted. The Healthy Streets programme (our portfolio of projects proposed to improve London’s highways for people walking, cycling and travelling by public transport) will support London’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and avoid a potentially damaging increase in private car use.


Update 6 January 2020

The consultation is now closed. Thank you to those who have submitted views on the proposals. We are now analysing the responses and will publish the consultation report later this year.

- update ends-

Tolworth is a busy district centre located adjacent to the A3 in outer London in the Royal Borough, (RB) of Kingston upon Thames which is undergoing rapid change and will see substantial growth over the coming years.

The existing road layout experiences severe congestion at peak times. This means buses struggle to move through the junction and it creates a poor environment for people walking and cycling.  

We have worked closely with RB Kingston upon Thames to understand the journey time impacts of the developments and what can be done to mitigate these. If no changes are made, delays to buses are expected to increase by up to 20 minutes in the morning peak. 

We are proposing a number of changes at Tolworth Roundabout that have been designed to support Good Growth in the area. We predict these changes would result in bus journey time savings of up to 11 minutes in the morning peak.  

Our proposals

Working together, we identified potential improvements at Tolworth Roundabout:  

  • A new shared area for walking and cycling in the centre of Kingston Road, extending the existing “Greenway” in Tolworth Broadway. People walking and cycling will access the path from an existing crossing that connects through Tolworth Roundabout
  • A new left turning lane to access the A3 and new developments from the Kingston Road
  • Installation of pedestrian countdown on crossings
  • Footway renewal between the A3 roundabout and Tolworth rail station
  • New planting and landscaping in front of Hollywood Bowl and Dean Court
  • New fully accessible bus stops with possibility of countdown bus passenger information displays if feasible
  • People walking and cycling would benefit from a new direct journey to Tolworth rail station connecting Tolworth town centre with a major transport interchange with national rail and bus services
  • An upgraded crossing at Donald Wood Gardens, giving people cycling a safer and more direct journey
  • Traffic lanes will be re-marked around the junction which will allow for better lane discipline and improved traffic flow

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Tolworth Roundabout plan (PDF 1.49MB)

Impacts of the proposals  

Parking bay outside Dean Court

An unregulated parking bay adjacent to Dean Court needs to be removed to facilitate future changes required by developers to the junction with Landsdown Close and enhance wider footways for pedestrians.

Removal of subway

The project depends on the removal of one subway (south west on the junction (roundabout), outside Hollywood Bowl. This is the least used subway and allows for the additional left hand lane for traffic.

To facilitate improved wider footways on the south eastern corner of Barnsbury Lane, a set of duplicate step access will be removed. The subway here will remain accessible from the opposite side.       

Equality Impact Assessment

We are subject to the general public sector equality duty set out in section 149 of the Equality Act 2010, which requires us to have due regard to the need to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations by reference to people with protected characteristics. The protected characteristics are: age, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation.  

In considering changes to the design of our streets, we closely consider the needs of all users throughout the design process and complete a draft Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA). For this scheme:

  • The shared foot and cycleway on the Kingston Road risks conflict between pedestrians and cyclists
  • The closure of the south western side of the roundabout could cause a small increase in journey times and walking distances

The draft EqIA can be found below.

Tolworth Roundabout EqIA (PDF 393KB)  

Healthy Streets  

The changes proposed in this scheme are part of our commitment to deliver the Healthy Streets Approach in support of Good Growth as outlined in chapter five of the Mayor’s Transport Strategy. We are taking this approach to create a vibrant, successful city where the streets are welcoming to all and everyone can live active, healthy lives. The streets within this scheme and the proposed changes have been assessed by our designers against ten Healthy Streets Indicators using our Healthy Streets Check for Designers tool. This tool assesses the layout of streets against 31 measures which produce an overall Healthy Streets Check score out of 100. We use infographics to show the current score for the streets within this scheme and potential scores based on our proposed changes.  

On evaluating and comparing the proposed changes at Tolworth, an overall improvement is demonstrated. This is illustrated in the diagram below.

Tolworth Roundabout Healthy Streets Check (PDF 123KB)

Next Steps  

Following this consultation we will analyse the response and review the design. We will then seek the necessary powers and, subject to this consultation, implement this scheme in 2021.

Have your say

Please let us know your views on our proposals by completing the online survey below.  

The consultation is open until Sunday 5 January 2020.

To contact us about the consultation you can:

You can also request paper copies of all the consultation materials and a response form by emailing, or writing to FREEPOST TFL CONSULTATIONS.


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