Proposed changes to Tooting Bec Road

Closed 10 Sep 2017

Opened 12 Jul 2017

Results updated 1 Sep 2021

Following our consultation on the proposed changes, we decided to proceed with implementing the scheme in 2019/2020. Since then however, the coronavirus pandemic required that we pause work on the Tooting Bec Road project, along with the majority of our investment programmes, to enable us to work with boroughs on delivering an emergency response to help London’s communities cope with the effects of the coronavirus.  

Within the vicinity of Tooting Bec Road, and through this same emergency work, we have temporarily upgraded Cycle Superhighway 7 

While we have restarted some of the investment projects we had developed before the pandemic, we will need further funding before we could start work to build the Tooting Bec Road scheme. For this reason, it’s necessary for us to put delivery of the Tooting Bec Road scheme on hold for the time being. We will prioritise any future cycle projects within the wider context of our current funding and resource constraints, and we will let you know more about the Tooting Bec Road scheme as soon as we have further news.

Results Updated 1 Aug 2019

The cycle routes that used to be called Cycle Superhighways and Quietways are now known as Cycleways. These are routes that link communities, businesses and destinations across London in one cycle network. To find out more, please visit our website:

Results Updated 12 Jul 2018

Between 12 July and 10 September 2017, we consulted on proposals to make changes to the cycling provision along on Tooting Bec Road, between the southern end of Dr Johnson Avenue and the northern end of Riggindale Road. Our proposals would also benefit pedestrians.

We received 176 responses to the consultation of which 75% supported or strongly supported our proposals.

View the consultation report (PDF 1.15MB)

We have carefully considered all the responses to the consultation and have decided to proceed with this scheme, with light segregation and wands. We expect to undertake the works in 2019. Exact dates are subject to confirmation of funding and coordination with other construction work in the area to minimise any disruption.

This is an interim alignment to improve cycling provision through the area while the London Borough of Wandsworth continues to pursue its proposals for a Quietway through Tooting Bec Common.

Results Updated 16 Apr 2018

Last summer, we consulted on proposals to make changes to cycling provision along Tooting Bec Road. We thank everyone that took part in this consultation. We are currently reviewing the comments and feedback received. We will publish our consultation report later this year, setting out detailed responses to the issues raised as well as the next steps.


We would like your views on our proposals to make some changes to the cycling provision along Tooting Bec Road, between the southern end of Dr Johnson Avenue and the northern end of Riggindale Road. These changes have been designed to significantly improve cycling provision in the area, while also benefitting pedestrians. The proposals form part of the Mayor of London’s plan for Healthy Streets - a long-term vision to encourage more Londoners to walk and cycle by making London’s streets healthier, safer and more welcoming.

Proposed changes on Tooting Bec Road

  • We would install new 1.9-metre on-carriageway semi segregated cycle lanes in both directions of Tooting Bec Road, between Dr Johnson Avenue and Aldrington Road. Cyclists would be lightly separated from motor traffic by plastic wands as seen below.

  • We would widen the footway on the northern side of Tooting Bec Road, between Aldrington Road and Riggindale Road by 2 metres, making it shared use for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • We would install a dropped kerb at the western end of the shared-use footway to allow vehicles to access Tooting Bec Lido car park and cyclists to move comfortably between the carriageway and the shared-use footway.
  • We would install a new toucan crossing where Tooting Bec Road passes close to Tooting Gardens and Riggindale Road, to allow cyclists and pedestrians to cross Tooting Bec Road safely.
  • The existing signalised pedestrian crossing on the western arm at the junction of Tooting Bec Road and Aldrington Road would be converted into a toucan crossing, allowing it to be used by cyclists.
  • At the same junction, we would convert a section of the western footway on Aldrington Road into shared-use for cycling and walking. This would allow northbound cyclists to bypass the right-turn only traffic signal and turn left into Tooting Bec Road, which they currently cannot do.
  • We would shorten the on-carriageway bus stop cages in four locations on Tooting Bec Road. An assessment of the markings found that the length was generous and could be shortened whilst continuing to cater for the bus demand.
  • We would remove the pedestrian refuge on Tooting Bec Road 130 metres west of the junction with Aldrington Road to accommodate the new semi-segregated cycle lanes on Tooting Bec Road.
  • We would install an Advanced Stop Line on the eastbound arm of the junction of Tooting Bec Road and Dr Johnson Avenue, allowing westbound cyclists to wait ahead of stationary general traffic.

Click here for a larger version of the above maps (PDF)

These proposals are intended to help cyclists on Tooting Bec Road. Although co-ordinated with Wandsworth Council’s previous proposals for a Quietway cycle route across the Common, our proposals would be delivered as a separate standalone scheme. Wandsworth Council continues to pursue its proposals for a Quietway in the area and will update on its progress in due course.

Traffic impacts

We have carried out traffic modelling on the proposed scheme, and predict that it would have no significant impact on motor traffic journey times.

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We would like to have your views about our proposals for the changes along Tooting Bec Road.

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