Tower Bridge Road Bus Lane Trial

Closes 19 Sep 2021

Opened 11 Mar 2021


We are trialling two new sections of a northbound bus lane, totalling approximately 130 metres, from Bermondsey Street to Long Walk and from Tanner Street to Druid Street. While the trial is underway these bus lanes will operate at all times.   

To facilitate the new bus lane and aid bus progression, the trial will also include:  

  • New road markings
  • Replacing single red line restrictions with double red line restrictions along small sections of the road
  • Relocating a bus stop and flag by approximately 13 metres   

Access will be maintained to all existing parking, loading and disabled bays during this trial.

Please see the maps below for further details.

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Tower Bridge Road overview map (PDF 204KB)

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Tower Bridge Road layout maps (PDF 201KB)

These changes are introduced under an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO). An ETRO allows us to introduce changes to the road network on a trial basis. This way we can better understand the effects the scheme will have over a period of time.   

This trail will run for up to 18 months once construction is completed.


The bus lane trial is located within central London where the Mayor’s Transport Strategy outlines that there is the greatest opportunity to improve bus journey times and reliability through the deployment of bus priority measures.   

The introduction of this new bus lane will ensure that the bus network in this location is able to operate reliably and serve local demand.

Alongside benefits for buses and bus users, the new bus lane can provide an improved facility for cyclists in the absence of formal cycle infrastructure and support sustainable growth as significant development is expected in the area over the next few years.  

We will monitor the changes to assess their impacts and benefits to road users, including those with a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010.    

Objecting to the traffic order  

An ETRO can stay in force for a maximum of 18 months while the effects are monitored and assessed. Changes can be made during the first six months of the experimental period to any of the restrictions if necessary. A decision to make the trial either permanent or to remove the changes will be made by the end of the 18 month trial period.

Objections may be made to the order being made permanent within six months of the day that the experimental order comes into force. It is not possible to lodge a formal objection to an ETRO until it is in force.

The traffic order will be published on Friday 19 March 2021, for more information or to comment on this please click here. 

Sharing your views on the impacts of this trial   

Whether you’re a bus passenger, a business owner, resident or someone who has been using the bus lanes to cycle more we want to hear about your experiences now that these bus lanes are operating.

To share your views and feedback please complete our online survey below.

We will use your feedback to help us decide if it is necessary to make any interim changes to the trial and what the future of the scheme should be.

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