Proposed changes to the junction of A100 Tower Bridge Road and Tanner Street

Closed 30 Oct 2016

Opened 30 Sep 2016

Results Updated 1 Aug 2019

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Results Updated 1 Mar 2017

Last autumn we consulted on revised proposals for a cycle scheme at the A100 Tower Bridge Road junction with Tanner Street, in the London Borough of Southwark.

We received 1,260 responses. Thank you to everyone who took part. A report on the consultation is available below, together with a document providing our responses to issues raised during the consultation.

Having considered the feedback received we have decided to proceed with the scheme.

One of the major concerns raised during the consultation came from Black Cab and Private Hire companies. They expressed concern for how they would reach destinations in the west, such as London Bridge Station or Guy’s Hospital from Tower Bridge Road. We have decided to trial a complementary scheme which will help taxis access destinations west of Tower Bridge Road. We propose allowing a right turn for buses and taxis only from Tower Bridge Approach to Tooley Street for a trial period. If successful, it would be adopted full time.

Please click here to read the full report (PDF)

Please click here to read the response to issues raided (PDF)


Following discussions with the London Borough of Southwark, we have revised our previous proposals to improve the provision for cyclists and other road users around Tower Bridge Road/Tanner Street junction, and we would like to hear your views.

What are we proposing?

The proposals are part of the Central London Grid – a network of cycle routes in Zone 1, including a route between Blackfriars and Canada Water, passing along Tanner Street. Southwark Council consulted on proposals on the rest of the route in autumn 2015, including proposals for the one-way operation of Tanner Street. Our proposals for the junction aim to improve safety and create more space for cyclists, and have been coordinated with Southwark Council’s designs. 

We originally consulted on proposals for this junction in February 2016 and a report on the consultation can be found here. Following feedback we received on the original proposals and subsequent discussions with the London Borough of Southwark, we have changed our designs to allow for eastbound movement only for motorists on Tanner Street between Tower Bridge Road and Archie Street, and a new cyclist staging area/traffic island.

The numbered list below summarises the key features of the proposals, with the above changes included as numbers 3 and 13 respectively. The other aspects of this proposal remain unchanged from the February consultation. The numbered descriptions correspond with the numbered labels on the consultation drawing.

1. Carriageway to be widened by 0.5 metres to improve traffic flow. There will still be sufficient width maintained on the footway.

2. Centre lines to be extended to provide two northbound general traffic lanes up to the junction with Druid Street

3. New one-way eastbound for motorists on Tanner Street between Tower Bridge Road and Archie Street to create space for a segregated two-way cycle track. We previously proposed for this section of Tanner Street to be one-way westbound, but are now proposing for it to operate eastbound instead. This would reduce the likelihood of through-traffic using Tanner Street and surrounding local roads.

The proposals would mean it would no longer be possible for vehicles other than cycles to turn into this part of Tanner Street from Tower Bridge Road.  Eastbound vehicles would also be prevented from turning right out of Tanner Street onto Tower Bridge Road, as the parallel pedestrian / cycle crossing needs to be a minimum distance from the side road to allow vehicles to exit onto a stop line and ensure the traffic signals are visible. Our counts show that up to 170 vehicles currently enter Tanner Street westbound via Tower Bridge Road during the busiest hour, with around 20 vehicles making the turn southbound onto Tower Bridge Road via Tanner Street westbound. Motor vehicle access to Tanner Street would still be possible via Bermondsey Street

4. New one-way eastbound on Tanner Street between Tower Bridge Road and Pope Street to allow contraflow cycle provision. Motorists would not be able to go straight across from Tanner Street (west) to Tanner Street (east), as this would risk conflict between cyclists entering the Quietway via Tower Bridge Road and motor traffic continuing across Tanner Street

5. Segregated bi- directional cycle track to allow cyclists to approach and exit the junction with substantially reduced risk of conflict with motor vehicles

6. New segregated contraflow cycle track to parallel crossing to allow for safer approach for cyclists, and to decrease potential conflict between modes of traffic. This would require the relocation of a loading bay (see 9 and 10)

7. New parallel cycle/pedestrian crossing to connect the cycle route on Tanner Street and allow cyclists to conveniently cross Tower Bridge Road separately from pedestrians

8. Cycle stands to be relocated to allow for widened traffic lanes on the approach to the junction, and to prevent conflict between traffic modes

9. Loading bay relocated from Tanner Street to Tower Bridge Road to create space for the contraflow cycle track (see 6). The same operating hours will apply

10. New position of relocated loading bay from Tanner Street (see 9)

11. Loading bay relocated 12m south to provide enough space for traffic to merge. Operating hours will remain the same

12. New bus lane (Hours of operation: Mon –Sat, 7am-10am, 4pm-7pm) to make journeys faster and more reliable for bus passengers. We would create space by moving the centre line on this section of Tower Bridge Road

13. New cyclist waiting area to reduce conflict between waiting cyclists and motor vehicles

Please click here for a larger version of the above map (PDF)

We are also investigating the feasibility of a new 5-metre Advanced Stop Line (ASL) on Tower Bridge Road southbound at this junction to reduce conflict between cyclists and motor traffic. Subject to successful traffic modelling, this would be added to our designs.

We have carried out a preliminary traffic assessment for these proposals. The results indicate that the proposals would not result in any significant delay to journeys on Tower Bridge Road. We expect vehicles affected by the proposed one-way operation of Tanner Street would use various alternative routes.

Southwark Council completed its consultation on the Cycle Grid route on Tanner Street in August 2015. For more information, please visit their website on

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