Transforming Vauxhall Cross

Closed 17 Jan 2016

Opened 24 Nov 2015

Results updated 10 Oct 2017

We have now submitted the planning application for the proposed bus station buildings and associated structures at Vauxhall Cross.

The proposed design would ensure the bus station can work efficiently under a two-way arrangement whilst providing:

  • Bus stops grouped by route direction
  • Lower canopy to provide better protection against rain and wind
  • A translucent bus station canopy to allow sunlight into the main concourse
  • More visible customer information office and integrated real time information to provide customers travel information for London Buses, London Underground and train services
  • More efficient distribution of space providing seating and customer information without obstructing pedestrian desire lines
  • Enhanced public facilities including new accessible toilets and baby change facilities
  • New public square to facilitate ease of interchange between the Network Rail and bus station

As part of the planning process the London Borough of Lambeth (as Planning Authority) will carry out a three week public consultation on the proposals.

Click on the following link to see the planning application and respond to their consultation:

London Borough of Lambeth - Planning Application

Subject to obtaining planning consent and all other necessary approvals we expect to start construction in 2020 with the scheme being completed by 2022

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Following our detailed public consultation, we published our Response to Issues Raised report in December 2016, which confirmed our intention to proceed with the scheme subject to securing the necessary internal and external approvals. Since then, we have been progressing the more detailed design for the new bus station buildings and associated elements, including weather protection and ease of interchange. 

The next step for the project is to submit a planning application for the proposed bus station buildings to Lambeth Council later this Spring. We would like to gather your thoughts and incorporate them in the planning application.

We hope you can join us at one of the following events, where you will be able to view our plans and talk to members of the design and wider project team and give us your views.

  • 30 March 16.00 – 19.30, St Anne’s and All Saints Hall, Miles Street, London SW8 1RL  
  • 1 April 12.00 – 16.00, Battersea Arts Centre Lavender Hill, London SW11 5TN             
  • 5 April 16.00 – 19.30, St  Anne’s and All Saints Hall, Miles Street, London SW8 1RL    
  • 8 April 12.00 – 16.00, Vauxhall City Farm, 165 Tyers St, Lambeth, London SE11 5HS     

Please see below for a video about Vauxhall Cross



We have also produced a number of Computer Generated Images (CGIs) of the Vauxhall Cross area:

Vauxhall Cross - from Vauxhall Bridge (PDF)
Wandsworth Road - looking north with the new bus station on the right (PDF)
Bondway - looking north with the new bus station on the left (PDF)
The Station Square - from the train station entrance at daytime (PDF)
The Station Square - from the train station entrance in the evening (PDF)
Bus Station Canopy - with Bondway to the right (PDF)

Click here for a diagram of local bus arrangements (PDF)

Between 24 November 2015 and 17 January 2016, we ran a consultation on detailed proposals for changes to Vauxhall Cross.

In March 2016 we published a factual consultation report which summarised the consultation process and the responses we received. This new report provides our response to the issues commonly raised during the consultation. It also explains the changes to the scheme we propose to make as a result.

We received 1,247 responses to the consultation. The overall responses show:

•           61 per cent were generally positive towards the proposals

•           8 per cent were neither negative nor positive towards the proposals

•           31 per cent were generally negative towards the proposals

Our response to consultation
Having considered responses received during the consultation, we plan to proceed with our proposals to transform Vauxhall, although we have made a number of changes to some elements of the scheme. Details of these changes are set out in this report under section 2.1 and in summary include changes to some footway and crossing areas, some bus stop locations and wider changes in scope to the project.

Please click here to view our Response to Issues Raised Report (PDF)

Click here for a copy of our Consultation Report (PDF) *Please also note that we have updated the ‘type of respondent’ breakdown tables in section 3 of the factual report as there was a formatting error in the previous report. This has not changed the level of support or opposition either for the overall project or for each specific question.

Following the engagement events we will be submitting a planning application for the bus station structures in spring 2017. Subject to the planning decision and other approvals, we plan to start construction of the new road layout and bus station in 2019.



Update - 24 December 2015

In response to a number of queries that have been raised regarding the bus station, we have provided a Frequently Asked Questions document to provide clarification on our proposals.

Please click here to view the Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

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Update - 16 December 2015

We have added two more drop-in sessions in early January next year. For details click here.

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We are proposing a number of transformational changes to Vauxhall Cross as part of our Road Modernisation Plan.

The Road Modernisation Plan is the biggest investment in London’s roads for a generation, consisting of hundreds of projects to transform junctions, bridges, tunnels and pedestrian areas, making our roads safer and more reliable.

Working closely with the Lambeth Council, we are aiming to return the one-way road system at Vauxhall to two-way roads and significantly improve pedestrian and cyclist provision to help create a safer and less intimidating environment for vulnerable road users. The proposed changes would also help to improve connectivity throughout the area, and create a better environment for people living, working, and travelling through Vauxhall.

Following our initial consultation in 2014 on our high level proposals, we are now inviting your views on our detailed design proposals.

What we are proposing?

The changes we are proposing include:

  • Removing the existing one way road system around the transport interchange (Parry Street, Wandsworth Road, Kennington Lane, South Lambeth Road) by converting these roads around Vauxhall to two way
  • Providing more cycle and pedestrian crossings as well as segregated lanes and parking for cyclists
  • Improving existing and providing new public spaces
  • Redesigning the transport interchange, including a new central bus station

Why are we proposing this?

Reducing traffic dominance

  • The current gyratory creates an environment heavily dominated by motor vehicles.  The wide carriageway encourages high speeds, especially outside peak periods
  •  The gyratory can be difficult to navigate, and the one-way arrangement means that vehicles often follow indirect routes

Lack of facilities for pedestrians and cyclists

  • Large numbers of pedestrians pass through Vauxhall each day but the  existing crossings do not always follow the most direct or popular  routes, which can lead to pedestrians crossing roads away from the crossings 
  • The Vauxhall gyratory has some of the highest numbers of collisions involving injury to pedestrians and cyclists in London
  • Cycle Superhighway 5 will improve conditions for cycling along Harleyford Road and Kennington Lane. However, there is limited cycle provision on the other roads surrounding Vauxhall Cross and a lack of connectivity between facilities

Supporting the transformation of Vauxhall

  • Vauxhall is the gateway to one of Europe’s largest regeneration zones, with 25,000 new jobs and 20,000 new homes coming to the Vauxhall, Nine Elms and Battersea area
  • Supporting Vauxhall’s distinct local character, the proposals look to the future – preparing for the increase in the numbers of people living, working, and visiting Vauxhall and its existing and new shops, businesses and attractions

Our proposals in detail

Maps of current and proposed road layout



Vehicular traffic

Bus station

Bus stops and bus station facilities

Bus routes

Public spaces and streets

Tree removal


Next steps

Drop-in sessions

The maps below show the current road layout and our detailed proposals.

Click here for a larger version of the above map (PDF)

Click here for a larger version of the above map - without the section borders (PDF)

Please see the links below for zoomed-in maps showing more detail (sections 1 - 3) around the junctions we are proposing changes for:

Section 1 map

Section 2 map

Section 3 map

Sections 1 - 3 in one document

The proposed scheme looks to improve pedestrian connectivity through the area by providing a number of new crossings at junctions and other convenient locations.  Existing crossings would be realigned and where possible converted from a ‘staggered' to a ‘straight across’ arrangement, meaning pedestrians could cross the road in a single stage, and there would be fewer lanes of traffic on Wandsworth Road and South Lambeth Road.

The proposals include new signalised pedestrian crossings on:

  • Wandsworth Road, north of the Miles Street junction
  • Parry Street at the junction with Wandsworth Road
  • Parry Street at the junction with South Lambeth Road
  • Wandsworth Road at the junction with Parry Street
  • Wandsworth Road  at the bus station entrance
  • South Lambeth Road at the junction with Kennington Lane
  • Across Albert Embankment at New Spring Gardens
  • Nine Elms Lane at the junction with St George Wharf
  • Bondway (bus station entrance)

The proposals would aim to improve existing crossings by:

  • Changing staggered crossings to ‘straight-across’ crossings at the Albert Embankment junction with Bridgefoot, and the Kennington Lane junction with South Lambeth Road
  • Realigning and simplifying crossings on Bridgefoot at the junction with Wandsworth Road, and on Albert Embankment at the junction with Wandsworth Road
  • Removing roads between the London Underground and Network Rail station, providing an easier interchange

Our proposals also include the removal of the pedestrian footbridge across Kennington Lane.

The proposals would provide enhanced cycle provision throughout Vauxhall and improve connections with the surrounding area.  Proposals include:

  • Upgrading the existing cycle lane on South Lambeth Road to a segregated cycle lane
  • New segregated cycle lane on the northern side of Nine Elms Lane, from the end of the existing bus lanes to the junction with Parry Street and Wandsworth Road, connecting into Wandsworth Road cycle lanes
  • Upgrading the existing cycle lane on Wandsworth Road to a segregated cycle lane and extending the provision to New Spring Gardens Walk and Miles Street
  • New segregated cycle lanes on Miles Street and Bondway
  • New signalised cycle crossings on:
    • Wandsworth Road, north of the Miles Street junction
    • Nine Elms Lane at the junction with Wandsworth Road
    • Nine Elms Lane at the junction with St George Wharf
    • Bridgefoot at the junction with Wandsworth Road
    • Across Albert Embankment at New Spring Gardens
  • Converting the staggered cycle crossing on Albert Embankment to a ‘straight across’ crossing
  • Widening of the existing pedestrian tunnel on Kennington Lane to reroute the Cycle Superhighway 5 in both directions through the tunnel
  • Additional cycle parking on Albert Embankment, Bridgefoot, Wandsworth Road, Bondway and South Lambeth Road
  • Linking to existing and future cycle routes to create a network going beyond Vauxhall including:
    • Cycle Superhighway 5
    • The Waterloo to Croydon Quietway (consultation proposed 2016)
    • Proposals within the Nine Elms on the Southbank Cycle Strategy

The plan below shows a proposed future cycle network through Vauxhall.

Click here for a larger version of the above map (PDF)

Vehicular traffic
Our proposals would mean changes to journey times for road users.  In the local area these changes would see some bus and road journeys getting shorter and some getting longer. Please follow the links below to see how different journey times may be affected.

Click here for a table of journey time impacts (PDF)

Click here for an explanatory note on journey time impacts (you can also access the above table from within this document)

  • Local roads

The changes at Vauxhall may lead to traffic seeking alternative routes.  Lambeth Council and TfL are committed to monitoring traffic levels on local roads and will consider mitigating measures if there is a significant increase in traffic flows.

  • Taxis

Due to the changes proposed, the existing taxi ranks on South Lambeth Road and South Lambeth Place would be replaced with a new rank on Bondway.  This new rank would be within view of the Network Rail station, the London Underground station, and the bus station. We would seek to provide the same total number of taxi spaces as there are today.

Taxis waiting to access the rank would wait in a new ‘feeder rank’ on Albert Embankment.

  • Loading

Under the new proposals there would be a change to existing loading bays.

There are currently loading bays located on Bondway, South Lambeth Place and South Lambeth Road. We would look to retain the loading bays at the north end of South Lambeth Place, and re-provide spaces on Bondway and South Lambeth Road at footway level. Loading bays on Bondway would operate at off-peak times only.

Loading bays on Kennington Lane would also be re-provided at footway level.

  • Parking

There is currently parking provision for residents along Miles Street and Bondway, south of Parry Street. Under our proposals there would be a segregated cycle lane along sections of these roads, which would require the relocation of some existing parking bays.

Lambeth Council’s intention would be to relocate the bays elsewhere within the local vicinity so there would be no impact on the overall provision. However, any changes would be the subject of a separate consultation before they could be introduced.

Under our proposals we would also need to move the existing motorcycle parking on Albert Embankment further north.  We would seek to retain the same number of spaces.

  • Coach Parking

TfL has recently consulted on a permanent coach parking bay on Albert Embankment within the northbound bus lane, outside Camelford House.   The report summarising the outcome of the consultation is due to be released in the coming months.  Subject to the outcomes of the two consultations, under the proposals for the gyratory removal, we would move  the coach parking 50 metres further north on Albert Embankment to allow space for a cycle and pedestrian crossing by New Spring Gardens Walk.

More information on the consultation on the location of coach parking can be found at:

Bus station
We would need to reconfigure the bus station so that its works with a two-way road layout. The existing bus station was designed as part of the current one-way road system in Vauxhall – buses circulate around an island and exit in different directions as required.  The existing bus station entrance/exit is within the Kennington Lane/Albert Embankment junction. Under a revised two-way layout this existing access would not be viable and would need to be altered to safely accommodate improvements to cycle and pedestrian provision. Removing the section of road used by buses would allow us to create a new pedestrianised square outside the Network Rail and Tube station.  A more welcoming and pleasant public space would also mean a safer and easier interchange at the centre of Vauxhall.

We would reconfigure the bus station and provide a new canopy and bus station buildings that would be fully integrated with the new pedestrianised square and two-way working arrangement. The proposals for the new bus station would ensure that facilities such as weather cover, public toilets, seating, information displays and maps, and an information kiosk are provided.

Shelter from the weather would be provided in the main bus station area by a new canopy. The stops at the Parry Street end of Bondway, on the western end of Wandsworth Road, and on Kennington Lane would also have weather protection, with a complementary look and feel to the bus station canopy. We are also investigating options for weather cover between the Network Rail and London Underground stations.

There would be space for new retail units within the bus station and transport interchange. The image above shows an artist’s impression of how the new bus station could look, based on early designs. The bus station and canopy would require planning permission and there would be a separate consultation on detailed proposals for the bus station and canopy in 2016 as part of this process. 

Bus Stops and Bus Station Facilities
Within the new bus station, bus stop locations would change. The new locations would continue to be arranged by destination and would be concentrated around the transport hub. The following maps show existing and proposed bus stop locations and bus station facilities.

Click here for a map of the current bus stop locations (PDF)

Click here for a map of the proposed bus stop locations (PDF) *Updated December 2016

Click here for a diagram of the bus station facilities (PDF)

Click here for a FAQ's on the bus station (PDF)

Bus Routes
Returning the roads to two-way working would see a change to the way buses travel through the new bus station. The following maps show the existing and proposed new routes. Changes to bus routes would be subject to further separate public consultations.

Bus routes 2 and N2

Bus routes 36. 185, 436 and N136

Bus route 77

Bus routes 87 and N87

Bus route 88

Bus route 156

Bus route 196

Bus route 344

Bus route 360

Please note that route 436 is subject to change, pending the outcome of a separate consultation. Click here for further details.

Public Spaces and Streets

An artist's impression of proposals for Albert Embankment

Replacing Vauxhall's one-way road system with two-way streets would create opportunities for the broader rejuvenation of a number of the surrounding public spaces.  These include:

  • Station Square / Vauxhall Cross

A more generous public space at the heart of Vauxhall's transport interchange - a clear point of arrival and interchange with improved links to surrounding areas. 

An artist's impression of the new public space between the Network Rail and London Underground stations

  • Albert Embankment

An extended public space that would make the most of the existing mature trees and distinctive viaduct structure, while improving connections through the railway viaduct.

An artist's impression of the proposals for the new public space on Albert Embankment - based on early designs

  • Kennington Lane

Along with decluttering the road and potential improvements to shopfronts, wider pavements and new tree planting are proposed.

An artist's impression of the proposals for Kennington Lane

An artist's impression of proposals for the junction between Kennington Lane and South Lambeth Road

  • Bondway

The new road layout and bus station proposals help create a second side to Bondway, making it feel like a typical street. Wider pavements and tree planting would further improve the public space.

  • South Lambeth Place

New lighting and landscaping would provide an improved setting beneath the railway viaduct, with the design making reference to the historical route of the River Effra, which runs below South Lambeth Place.

  • South Lambeth Road

Reducing the number of traffic lanes on South Lambeth Road would allow wider pavements and tree planting to establish a greener link between Vauxhall Park and the Pleasure Gardens, and an improved setting for the railway arches. At the north end of South Lambeth Road, where it meets Kennington Lane, the space around the listed Royal Vauxhall Tavern would be improved to form an extended gateway to the Pleasure Gardens.

An artist's impression of proposals for South Lambeth Road and South Lambeth Place

These proposals would also serve to improve connections within the broader Vauxhall area, having the potential to:

  • Form a point of arrival at the heart of Vauxhall
  • Provide better connections between existing open spaces, such as the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens and Vauxhall Park, schools and cultural destinations
  • Provide better connections between emerging regeneration areas to the south and west at Nine Elms and Battersea and the proposed Linear Park
  • Re-establish Vauxhall's riverside character with better connections to the Thames and river services
  • Provide a better quality setting for  transport interchange

An artist's impression of proposals for the space by the London Underground entrance at Bridgefoot

Click here for a map of the public realm (PDF)

Tree Removal
To make space for the new road layout, we would need to remove or relocate some trees. Greening and tree planting forms a key part of the public spaces and street design and the scheme would provide a net increase of trees.

TfL is a landowner in the area. This consultation does not include any new commercial development over and above what is needed to support the transport interchange. If any further development is proposed in the future, it will be subject to planning permission and further consultation and engagement.

2014 Vauxhall Cross Consultation

At the end of 2014 we consulted on early proposals to return the gyratory to two-way roads, and changes to the public transport interchange, including the existing bus station. 

We received over 2,000 responses to last year’s consultation, with the majority in support of the initial proposals. Key headlines from the consultation included:

  • 77% of respondents indicated that they either support or strongly support the overall aim of creating a thriving centre in Vauxhall
  • 65% supported the conversion of the gyratory to two-way
  • 63% supported our proposals around the bus station

Since last year’s consultation we have been refining the highway design, reflecting the valuable feedback received.  Some of the issues raised during last year’s consultation included concerns around:

  • Possible increases in congestion and lack of detail around traffic modeling
  • Potential cycle and pedestrian conflicts, including lack of segregated cycle routes and ‘straight-across’ crossings
  • Impact of changes on bus station

Some of the elements of the scheme that have changed since the first consultation include:

  • Retaining the current direction of traffic flow around the Kennington Lane, Durham Street and Haryleford Road triangle
  • New cycle provision on Miles Street
  • Increasing pedestrian space on South Lambeth Road with wider footway along the eastern side of the viaduct

You can read the results from last year’s consultation here

2015 Lambeth Council - Visioning Vauxhall

Following the first consultation in 2014, Lambeth Council has been asking people who live, work and travel through Vauxhall what they thought about the changes coming. Over 300 people have contributed their views, helping to create a series of images that can be seen in the Visioning Vauxhall document.

The Council has shared the valuable feedback and views collected through this process with us to help inform our designs.

Next steps

We will review and consider all responses and suggestions received to help inform how we develop the final design. A report on the results and analysis of the responses received through the consultation will be published in the spring of 2016. We will then clarify how the final design will be built ahead of the proposed start of construction in 2018.

Together with Lambeth Council we look forward to working with you to help shape Vauxhall over the coming years.

Drop-in sessions

We held three drop in sessions where anyone had the opportunity to find out more about these proposals. The sessions took place at:

  • Vauxhall Gardens Community Centre, SE11 5ES - Saturday, 5th December 11am-4pm
  • St. Peter’s Church, Vauxhall, SE11 4RZ - Tuesday, 8th December 6-8pm
  • Carmelita Centre, SE11 5JT - Monday, 14th December 11am-4pm
  • York Gardens Library, 34 Lavender Road, London, SW11 2UG - Wednesday 6 January 3-7pm
  • St. Anne's and All Saints, Miles Street, London, SW8 1RL - 7 January 4-8pm


  • Lambeth
  • Southwark
  • Wandsworth
  • Westminster


  • Public
  • Stakeholders
  • Local residents
  • Local businesses
  • Schools
  • London Boroughs
  • Coach Operators
  • Taxi trade
  • Transport for London
  • Taxi customers and other stakeholders


  • TfL's Road Modernisation Plan
  • Vauxhall Cross