Have your say on transforming Wandsworth Town Centre - 2014

Closed 5 Dec 2014

Opened 27 Oct 2014

Results Updated 19 May 2015

Following the initial consultation about changes proposed to Wandsworth Town Centre we have now analysed the response and have produced a report which can be read here.

The general principle of the scheme was very well supported. Out of the 1,882 responses received, 70 per cent believed that the current traffic system was performing poorly and 61 per cent felt that removal of the gyratory would improve how they used the town centre. 23 per cent were against the proposals, and 14 per cent were undecided as they required further information on how the proposals would operate. Two per cent did not indicate whether they were in favour of removing the gyratory or not.

There were a number of areas of concern also raised which included the impact on journey times, increased rat running and problems around local access to the town centre which we will need to reassess as we move into the more detailed design over this year, these include:

  • Changes around Smugglers Way with respect to access
  • Changes to the Wandsworth Bridge Roundabout
  • The affects on the Tonsleys, St Anne’s Hill area and other areas where access and rat running have been raised as issues
  • Retaining access to the town centre for shoppers and deliveries


We will now be carrying out more detailed traffic modelling to asses the full impact of the changes and look at the detailed design of the junctions. Once this is complete we will be carrying out a further consultation on the detail later in 2015.



Update on 24 November 2015

We have now launced a second consultation on our proposed changes to Wandsworth Town Centre. Please click here for the current 2015 consultation.

Update ends


We have been working closely with Wandsworth Council to produce a viable scheme to remove the Wandsworth town centre gyratory.

This initial consultation stage, which ran from 27 October until 5 December 2014, will allow us to make a better informed decision about how to progress with our design of the new highway layout.

We will be carrying out a further consultation later in 2015 when we have a more detailed plan available.

We are currently assessing what the full impact of the increased traffic areas will be and will report these when they are known.

Objectives of the scheme

Our key objective is to help improve the look and feel of Wandsworth town centre by removing through-traffic from the main shopping areas. This would be achieved by re-routing the A3 and A205 South Circular around to the north along Armoury Way and Swandon Way.

This will free the main shopping areas from high impact traffic and allow better access for pedestrians, cyclists and buses.

The following two maps show the existing traffic flow and the proposed traffic flow around Wandsworth Town Centre.

Map showing existing traffic flow

To view larger map please click here

Map showing proposed traffic flow

To view a larger map please click here

What are the key changes?

  • Improved ambience of the main shopping areas in the town centre by widening footways, allowing easier pedestrian crossing and reducing traffic-generated noise and pollution
  • More planting, trees and seating to improve the environment and create a pleasant public space
  • Better alignment of bus stops in the town centre 
  • A more cycle-friendly environment, with improved cycle parking,to encourage more people to access the town centre by bicycle
  • Notable changes in traffic levels in different areas of the scheme, which have been confirmed through early stage traffic modelling. For example,there would be a significant reduction in traffic at the busiest times through the town centre on Wandsworth High Street, between Fairfield Street and Putney Bridge Road. This would free up space for pedestrians and cyclists, and would still provide access for buses, servicing and local traffic.
  • In contrast, the eastern section of Armoury Way, between Ram Street and Fairfield Street, would experience an increase in traffic at the busiest times,so the proposals would include designs for improvements to roads and junctions to manage this change in traffic levels

Artist's impressions

Below are a series of artist's impressions showing before and after images of Wandsworth Town Centre. The 'before' images are shown as links below each 'after' image:

An artist's impression of Book House (after). For a larger version click here

For a current image of Book House click here


An artist's impression of Wandsworth High Street (east). For a larger version click here

For a current image of Wandsworth High Street (east) click here


An artist's impression of Wandsworth High Street (west). For a larger version click here

For a current image of Wandsworth High Street (west) click here

Making common journeys through the proposed scheme

For more details about how certain journeys can be made through the proposed schemes please see the maps below:

Upper Richmond Road to Garratt Lane

Garratt Lane to St Johns Hill map

Wandsworth Common to West Hill

Trinity Road to West Hill

York Road to Buckhold Road (1)

York road to Buckhold Road (2)

Have your say

Our online survey closed on 5 December 2014.

Drop in sessions

We held two drop in sessions where there was an opportunity to find out more about the proposals:

Where: Southside Shopping Centre (Wandsworth Town Centre). Click here for directions.


Saturday 15 November: 10:00 – 18:00


Wednesday 19 November: 10:00 – 18:00

Next steps

We will review and consider all responses and suggestions we receive, and use these, along with further traffic modelling work to develop and design the proposed road layout.

We will consult again in 2015 on the next stage of the project when the new road layout is being finalised.

Together with Wandsworth Council we look forward to working with you to help shape Wandsworth town centre over the coming years. Subject to consultation, construction is planned to begin in 2017.

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