A1 Holloway Road - Nag's Head

Closed 13 Jan 2014

Opened 6 Dec 2013

Results updated 15 Aug 2014

We received 157 responses to the consultation many of which only commented on the cycling element of the proposed scheme. After carefully considering all the responses we received we have made a number of changes to the scheme:

  • A staggered pedestrian crossing located 22m further north than originally proposed, outside number 408 (eastern side) and number 363 (western side) Holloway Road.
  • No northbound cycle lane will implemented. The nearside northbound lane will be widened to 4m at the location of the crossing to facilitate overtaking by buses/cyclists
  • The bus stop will remain in its current location
  • The southbound cycle lane will be widened from 1.3m to 1.5m and the single red line will be converted to a double red line so it will remain unobstructed.
  • A 0.5 m buffer will be added to the loading bays outside Selby’s and Iceland to help protect cyclists from being hit by vehicles opening their doors. These bays will be raised to footway level to enable pedestrians to use the space as part of the footway when they are not in use.
  • Advanced stop lines will be added to Holloway Road arms of the main junctions
  • A single tree will need to be removed from the median island to ensure the signal heads of the proposed crossing are fully visible. No other trees will now be affected.


The full consultation report can be found here:



Transport for London (TfL) developed proposals to improve road safety for pedestrians and cyclists on the A1 Holloway Road in the Nag’s Head area.

The main objective of the scheme was to put in place a pedestrian crossing on the A1 Holloway Road, enabling people to cross the road easily and safely and to improve access to businesses on the south-western side of the road.

In summary, the proposed measures included the following:

  • New signalised pedestrian crossing outside the Nag’s Head Shopping Centre
  • New cycle lanes in both directions
  • Advanced stop lines added to the junctions of Holloway Road and Tollington Road/Camden Road and Seven Sisters/Parkhurst Road
  • Resurfacing of the footway and carriageway 


In order to make space for these improvements some other changes would be required. These included:


  • Relocation of the northbound bus stop (Stop L) approximately 50m north of its existing location
  • Changes to parking and loading provision, with and overall slight reduction in parking and loading availability
  • Loss of one small tree on the median island where the crossing will be located. There may also be the potential loss of one other small tree and two relatively mature trees due to kerb cutbacks required in order to relocate the bus stop.
  • Relocation of several items of street furniture including the removal of a redundant telephone box 


The original proposals are shown on the attached map. In addition to these proposals, an informal pedestrian crossing with a central refuge island is planned for the A1 Holloway Road adjacent to Jackson Road.

All of the measures that we have proposed were subject to change as a result of this consultation. Given no unforeseen issues, it is anticipated that the scheme will be implemented in Autumn 2014.



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