Further improvements to safety at the junction of the A2 Blackheath Road / Deptford Bridge with Deal’s Gateway and Greenwich High Road

Closed 1 Mar 2015

Opened 28 Jan 2015

Results updated 7 May 2015

We consulted with local residents and stakeholders  between 27 January and 1 March 2015 about proposals to improve cycling and pedestrian facilities at the junction between the A2 Deptford Bridge/Blackheath Road with Greenwich High Road and Deal’s Gateway.

We received a total of 35 responses, made up of 33 replies from members of the public and two from stakeholders. After carefully considering the issues raised and suggestions made in the responses, we have reached a decision.

We will proceed with implementation of the proposed changes, and carry this out the same time as making changes at the nearby Deptford Bridge / Deptford Broadway junction with Deptford Church Street and Brookmill Road to minimise the impact of the works. Given no unforeseen delays these works are scheduled to begin in June and finish in November 2015.

Read the full consultation report and responses to issues raised.


In the summer of 2014, we made some changes to the lane markings at this junction as a preliminary measure to improve the safety of cyclists and other road users.  We now intend to make more substantial changes.

Significant numbers of vehicles turn right from Greenwich High Road onto the A2 towards central London. Traffic, in particular cyclists travelling ahead or turning right out of Deal’s Gateway, have little protection crossing this heavy flow as Greenwich High Road and Deal’s Gateway run on the same signal stage. The signal for traffic exiting from Deal’s Gateway has a three second early start on Greenwich High Road, but this is not enough for many cyclists, particularly those who arrive in the middle of the green signal time.

The lane markings we added in 2014 have provided some protection for vehicles turning right from Deal’s Gateway into Blackheath Road eastbound, but the junction remains challenging for cyclists. We now propose to make more substantial changes to this junction in order to improve safety while minimising the impact on this busy road corridor.


Existing layout (PDF)

We proposed:

  • To provide a new two-stage signal-controlled pedestrian crossing on the western arm of the junction;
  • To create a new slip road for traffic turning left from Deal’s Gateway onto the A2.  The slip road will have a raised table at the junction with Deptford Bridge to slow motor vehicles and assist pedestrians, but will not have signal control;
  • To change the signal timings to give separate green stages to Deal’s Gateway and Greenwich High Road, to assist right-turning vehicles from each of these arms;
  • To realign road markings, the yellow box and cycle Advance Stop Lines to suit the new layout.

Proposed layout (PDF)

There will no longer be a dedicated signal stage for eastbound traffic turning right into Deal’s Gateway, but these vehicles (mainly buses going into the stand outside the DLR station) will be provided with enough time to make the turn at the end of the green stage for the A2.

We intend to carry out these works in the summer of 2015.



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