A20 Sidcup Road

Closed 29 Nov 2013

Opened 30 Oct 2013

Results Updated 13 Jan 2014

We recently consulted on proposed changes to A20 Sidcup Road junction with Green Lane and Southwood Road (Fiveways)

A total of 50 responses were received from members of the public. Of these, 47 were in full support of the scheme and three were against.

After carefully considering all responses, we plan to go ahead with the changes in summer 2014.

The full report can be found here:



We proposed improvements to the A20 Sidcup Road junction with Green Lane and Southwood Road (Fiveways) and asked for your comments on our proposals.

We want to make the junction easier and safer to negotiate for all those using the junction.

The following changes are proposed:

  • The crossing points on Green Lane both on the north and south sides will be realigned to make them easier for people to cross
  • The central refuge on Sidcup Road (western side) will be widened to three metres to provide more space for waiting pedestrians
  • Advanced stop lines for cyclists will be introduced on all of the arms
  • The  right turn  lane on Sidcup Road (eastern side)  will be lengthened to provide more space for vehicles waiting to turn right
  • Road markings will be changed in the centre of the junction to assist vehicles turning right from the eastern side of Sidcup Road. 

In addition to the above changes, the carriageway  will be resurfaced and the lighting improved around the junction.

We propose to introduce changes in the summer of 2014.

Your views will helped us inform our decision making process, before implementation.

Please see the attached plan below for further information.



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