A205 London Road and Honor Oak Road


We proposed to undertake improvement works at the above junction. The proposal aims to benefit pedestrians through providing wider footways as well as slow vehicles down turning into Honor Oak Road. It also aims to improve access arrangements into and out of the petrol station immediately next to the junction.

The proposals are outlined in the summary below.

  • Provision of a right turn pocket for vehicles turning into the petrol station.This will reduce the instances of waiting vehicles blocking the traffic flow westbound on A205 London Road.
  • Building out of footways either side of Honor Oak Road. This will provide a wider footway for pedestrians as well as slowing down vehicles entering and exiting Honor Oak Road.
  • Eastbound stop line on A205 London Road moved forward 4 metres. This together with advanced warning of the traffic signal ahead sign will give more visibility and warning to vehicles exiting the petrol station of the junction ahead.
  • Widening of pedestrian refuges on both A205 London Road and Honor Oak Road. This will provide more space for pedestrians to wait whilst crossing the junction.
  • New stop line for traffic exiting Park Hill to accompany the existing traffic signals.
  • Provision of red anti-skid road surface to assist vehicles turning right from A205 London Road into Honor Oak Road.
  • Upgraded signal equipment at the junction to increase visibility of the traffic signals to road users. 

The map below shows the changes proposed for the junction.

Given no unforeseen delays, it is estimated that the work would commence during Autumn 2014.

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We recently consulted on proposals to implement pedestrian and cycle improvement works at the junction of A205 London Road and Honor Oak Road.

We received 44 responses to the consultation and after carefully considering all responses, we have made a decision.

We will be progressing with the scheme proposed and we expect these works are programmed to commence later in the calendar year.

The full consultation summary can be found here:



Key Dates

Status: Closed

Ran from 14 Jan 2014 to 28 Feb 2014

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