A21 Farnborough Way, Green Street Green proposed cycling and pedestrian improvements

Closed 12 Aug 2013

Opened 8 Jul 2013

Results Updated 2 Oct 2013

We received 13 responses to the consultation in total.  Of these 11 were received from members of the public and we received 2 responses from stakeholders; Bromley Cyclists and the Green Street Green Society. 

The overall number of responses represented a 5% response rate to the consultation. 

Of the responses received 33% said they supported the proposals 8% said they did not support the proposals and 59% neither opposed nor support the proposals in full.

Generally, the feedback received was in support of the proposals although the main issues raised were around why the proposed crossing was uncontrolled and also the feeling that a better place to site the crossing would be opposite the Rose & Crown pub where it would be more convenient.

We have considered the feedback from the consultation and have decided to proceed with the scheme as proposed.

Some respondents requested changes to the proposals which we have concluded are not possible to implement. Details of our response to these requests are shown in the issues raised table in section 3.2 of the attached report.



Transport for London (TfL), developed proposals to improve facilities for pedestrians and cyclists at the Green Street Green on the A21 Farnborough Way in Bromley.


The proposals were designed to improve pedestrian and cycling accessibility and connectivity around the A21 Green Street Green roundabout and in particular to provide improved pedestrian and cycle links between A21 Farnborough Way and A21 Sevenoaks Way as well as the residential developments in Cudham Lane North and the centre of Green Street Green, without significant impact on general traffic movements.

General scope of proposals

The proposals will see the introduction of a new wide uncontrolled pedestrian and cycle crossing facility across A21 Farnborough Way, improvements to the existing crossing facility across Cudham Lane North, and improved shared pedestrian and cycle routes.


Provide a new 2.5m wide uncontrolled pedestrian and cycle crossing facility across A21 Farnborough Way north of the A21 Farnborough Way/ Green Street Green roundabout 

  • Widen the  footway on the eastern side of A21 Farnborough Way/ Sevenoaks Way and convert to shared use with cyclists. This will connect the existing cycling provisions to the north and south of the roundabout 
  • Widen the refuge island in the Cudham Lane North junction to approx 5m. This will improve pedestrian and cycling accessibility and connectivity across the roundabout. The entry width of Cudham Lane North will consequently be reduced in width to  4.5m from the existing 7.2m 
  • A de-cluttering exercise will be undertaken as part of the scheme to rationalise street furniture and remove redundant signage. 

All of the proposed measures are subject to change as a result of this consultation and further design work. It is anticipated that these improvements will be implemented by Spring 2014.

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