Proposed changes to A21 Lewisham High Street/Courthill Road and the local area

Closed 13 Jul 2012

Opened 31 May 2012

Results Updated 9 Jan 2013

Read the Consultation Report.

We will make our decision known in 2013 following discussions with LB Lewisham.



Last year, Transport for London, TfL, consulted on proposed changes to the junction of the A21, Lewisham High Street, Courthill Road. The proposal was to install pedestrian crossings on Courthill Road and Lewisham High Street outside Tesco. Thank you to those who took part in the consultation.

We have analysed the consultation replies that we received and are now able to publish the consultation report, please see pdf document. TfL officers are going to meet with Lewisham council officers in early 2013 to discuss the scheme and make a final decision as to whether the scheme will be progressed or not.

Some questions and concerns were raised during the consultation and where possible we have answered these points in full. Some ideas and issues for the scheme are still being investigated and may form part of the scheme if it is progressed, we will keep this page updated with any news as soon as we have any. 

What we consulted on

Following requests from the local MP, local stakeholders and members of the public, Transport for London (TfL), working with Lewisham Council, have developed proposals to install new signalised pedestrian crossings across Courthill Road and Lewisham High Street (outside Tesco).

The proposed new road layout would provide a safer means for pedestrians to cross the road and will reduce the number of accidents at the junction, while minimising queues on the road network. It does, however, involve additional changes being made to other nearby roads, all of which are necessary to install the two crossings.

We have looked long and hard at various options and believe that these proposals offer the best possible all-round solution.

Please click on the leaflet to see the full proposal that we consulted on.

What Happens Next

This consultation is now closed.

We are meeting with LB Lewisham in 2013 to agree if this scheme can be introduced.

This page will be updated as soon as a decision has been reached.


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