A316 Manor Circus

Closed 6 Dec 2014

Opened 2 Oct 2014

Results Updated 1 Aug 2019

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Results Updated 15 Jun 2018

Between 2 October and 6 December 2014, we consulted on proposals to improve the A316 Manor Circus junction (A316 Lower Mortlake Road/Lower Richmond Road and B353 Sandycombe Road/Manor Road).

We received 573 responses to the consultation, of which 62 per cent supported the proposals. A full report detailing our analysis of the consultation is available below.

A316 Manor Circus Consultation Report (PDF 1.36MB)

We are sorry for the significant delay in publishing this report while we have considered the responses provided, reviewed the proposals to ensure that the scheme is appropriate for the junction, and decided on the next steps.

Since 2014, a number of factors have impacted our ability to provide our next steps for this scheme. We have needed to explore how maintenance works to the bridge below the junction could be incorporated into the scheme. This includes the funding required to carry out this maintenance work.

We have also explored options for including the scheme as part of the proposals for a cycle route along the A316. In early 2018, it was identified that the changes proposed at Manor Circus junction cannot be made as part of Quietway proposals for the area. It was found that the provision of a cycling route with an appropriate cycling level of service along a significant section of the A316, including Manor Circus, could not be achieved without significant changes and funding.

We now plan to proceed with the design for the layout changes we consulted on separately to the Quietway proposals for the area. Before any changes can be made to the junction, we need to carry out structural maintenance work on the bridge. Subject to funding availability and other approvals, we hope to start this work in summer 2020. Work to improve the junction would be completed following the bridge maintenance work.

We are committed to working closely with the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and other key stakeholders to progress our plans for the Manor Circus junction.


Transport for London (TfL) is proposing to improve the cycle and pedestrian facilities and safety at Manor Circus – the junction of the A316 Lower Mortlake Road and Lower Richmond Road with the B353 Sandycombe Road and Manor Road in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

The proposed changes should improve safety and confidence for both pedestrians and cyclists, and improve continuity for cyclists. They should also result in slightly shorter and more reliable journey times for other road users including buses.


Page updated on 17 October 2014 to include details of where you can come and see our plans - please see the bottom of this page.

Why We Are Consulting

Currently all crossings at the roundabout are zebra crossings. Zebra Crossings are not suitable for cyclists as they have to dismount and are not considered appropriate for this junction due to the proximity to the exits of the roundabout meaning vehicles may block back onto the roundabout.

We are proposing the following improvements to this junction and the adjacent roads and footways:

  • Replacing the zebra crossings on all four arms of the roundabout with signalised toucan crossings, which can be used by both pedestrians and cyclists
  • On Sandycombe Road the new toucan crossing would be in the same location as the existing zebra crossing
  • On Lower Richmond Road the existing aligned zebra crossings would be replaced by staggered toucan crossings with a widened central island. To allow for the widened central island the existing westbound inside (left turn) traffic lane in Lower Richmond Road would be removed, leaving two lanes for westbound traffic, with traffic still able to turn left in the new layout
  • On Manor Road the existing aligned zebra crossings next to the roundabout would be replaced with a single straight across toucan crossing further south
  • On Lower Mortlake Road the existing aligned zebra crossings would be replaced by staggered toucan crossings with a widened central island. To allow for the widened central island, retention of the existing two traffic lanes and to maintain the capacity of the existing bus stand, the footway width on the south side would be reduced slightly. The existing two trees, planting and low fence would also need to be removed. One new tree would be provided close by, adjacent to the new toucan crossing


In order to make the necessary changes to the crossings we are also proposing to make changes to cycle paths and footways. These include:

  • Widening the footways around the roundabout and in Sandycombe Road and Manor Road close to the roundabout. In Manor Road this means that the existing southbound right turn lane (leading to the Homebase car park and bus stand) would be shortened to start further south
  • Widening the footway and cycle track along the south side of Lower Richmond Road, made possible by the removal of the westbound inside (left turn) traffic lane to accommodate the widened central island
  • Building out the footway on the west side of North Road, to allow for the staggered toucan crossing across Lower Richmond Road, and adding a raised table entry treatment across North Road, replacing the existing raised crossing
  • Converting the footways around and on approach to the roundabout to shared use, to allow cyclists to reach the new toucan crossings
  • Replanting the centre of the roundabout


To ensure all the proposed changes meet our design standards we also propose to:

  • Remove all existing pedestrian guardrail
  • Retain the existing concrete barriers (those on the north east side of the roundabout would be moved to the edge of the newly widened kerb)
  • Remove all existing ‘corduroy’ paving
  • Provide access points for cyclists to transfer between the carriageway and the new shared use areas
  • Provide or update signage for the new shared use areas and revised cycle tracks
  • Make associated changes to carriageway white lines
  • Provide tactile paving at all amended crossing points


The Manor Circus junction would be controlled using an adaptive traffic system (SCOOT), with the crossings on all four arms signalised and linked together but the roundabout itself remaining under the existing ‘give way’ system.

The toucan crossing signal cycles are proposed to be quite frequent, with a proposed maximum wait for pedestrians and cyclists of 60 seconds with a proposed average wait of 30 seconds.

The positioning of the proposed new toucan crossings is to allow sufficient space for traffic exiting the roundabout to wait at red lights.

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Why we are proposing these improvements

Improving cycling facilities on the A316:

We recognise that cycling facilities on the A316 are not as good as they could be, particularly for cyclists wanting to travel east or west across junctions such as Manor Circus. It is an ambition of the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames to create a cycling commuter route along the A316 corridor.

Currently, the cycle lanes / tracks along the A316 end on the approaches to the Manor Circus roundabout and cyclists are expected to dismount and walk across Sandycombe Road and Manor Road or to consider rejoining the carriageway with general traffic. There is a growing demand to improve cycling crossing facilities across all arms of the roundabout. This can only be done through the introduction of toucan crossing facilities which link up the cycle lanes / tracks on the approaches to the roundabout.

Our proposed changes are part of our plans to make facilities more consistent and improve continuity for cyclists along the A316. As part of the Mayor’s vision for cycling we want to encourage more people to cycle by making it as accessible as possible.  

Improving cycling and pedestrian safety:

Statistics show that, in comparison to the average collision risk in the Borough, there is an underlying collision risk at this location.

In the 36 month period to October 2013 there were three pedestrian collisions at the roundabout, three incidents involving cyclists and three involving motorcycles. In total 15 collisions occurred at or on the approach to the roundabout during this period.

The proposed changes should lead to an improvement in cycling and pedestrian safety.


Impact on traffic and journey times

We undertook a computer modelling exercise to find out the impact on traffic flows and queues and on vehicle and pedestrian delays if the new toucan crossings are introduced and linked using the SCOOT system. The outcome of this exercise showed that there is likely to be a positive impact for all modes of transport using this junction.

The large volumes of through traffic on the A316 currently tend to dominate at the junction and vehicles from the B353 struggle to establish priority to enter the roundabout. The capacity of the B353 for traffic is also limited by the narrow widths and parking on Sandycombe Road, by the busy railway level crossing on Manor Road and by the difficulty in entering the Manor Circus roundabout. Under the proposals, journey times and vehicle throughput are likely to improve for traffic using the A316 and for traffic exiting the B353 Manor Road and the B353 Sandycombe Road, as the junction will be managed with a consistent approach rather than the existing stop-start situation associated with zebra crossings.

Although existing waiting times for pedestrians at the zebra crossings are short, both actual and perceived vehicle speeds mean that some pedestrians, especially those who are vulnerable, may feel less confident and safe when crossing. Also, the volume of traffic, particularly on the A316, means that currently pedestrians frequently have to wait some time until vehicles stop. Under the proposed scheme, while waiting times for pedestrians would increase slightly, there would be safer provision which would aid confidence for both pedestrians and cyclists.


We would like to know your views on these proposed improvements.

You can come and see the plans and discuss them with us at:
Sainsbury’s, Lower Richmond Road
on Tuesday 28 October, 6pm-8pm,
and Saturday 22 November, 10am-12noon

Please provide your views by completing the online consultation survey below by Sunday 6 December 2014.



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