Battersea Rise/Northcote Road Junction Improvement Project

Closed 11 Jan 2012

Opened 7 Dec 2011

Results updated 13 Mar 2012

We recently invited the public and key stakeholders to comment on its proposals to carry out an improvement project at the Battersea Rise/Northcote Road junction. The consultation, which ran from 7 December 2011 to 11 January 2012 was designed to enable TfL to understand local opinion about the proposed improvements to the  junction.

The consultation has now closed. Please click here to view the consultation report.  

We have decided to go ahead with the proposed improvements as laid out in the plans (see report for details). The work will start on 10 March 2012. TfL will be contacting local residents and stakeholders shortly to let them know the timescale for the works and to outline the working hours and any diversions or changes to traffic management that may be required during construction.



Transport for London recently invited comments on proposed improvements to the Battersea Rise/Northcote Road junction.

Why we consulted

We drew up proposed to carry out a an improvement project at the Battersea Rise/Northcote Road junction.  

The main features of the project are:

a) A new diagonal pedestrian crossing at the junction

b) Green man pedestrian crossing facilities at all arms of the junction

c) New cycle parking stands

d) New pavements at the junction to include tactile paving

e) Installation of anti-skid surfacing on the road

f) Removal of pedestrian guard railing

g) Rephasing of traffic signals to reduce incidences of stationary traffic blocking the junction


The improvements intend to reduce the number of road traffic collisions and pedestrian related casualties, faster crossing times for pedestrians and an improved environment at and near the junction.

The exisiting yellow box junction markings would be removed and the traffic situation will be monitored for a period of time following completion of the scheme. The box junction may be reinstated at a later date if shown that this would aid safe traffic and pedestrian movement and prevent blocking of the junction. The details of the proposed scheme can be seen on the plan below.


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