Closure of Cole Park Road junction with the A316 Chertsey Road

Closed 17 May 2013

Opened 11 Apr 2013

Results Updated 2 Jan 2014

Local opinion is strongly in favour of taking steps to reduce the rat-running, but divided on the best option to take forward.  The majority of residents support the TfL full closure proposal, with a small proportion supporting a partial closure and a significant number opposing full closure.  There was significantly less support for closing the London Road end of Cole Park Road.

Next Steps

Preliminary discussion has taken place with the Borough, and it is proposed that a full review of these conclusions should take place with the local ward councillors involved in making a decision on the appropriate action to take.  

August 2013 Update

Following  the consultation, discussions with the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames and further investigatory work, we propose to implement a partial closure of the junction, with a left turn in (entry only) permitted for eastbound vehicles on the A316.  This was proposed by 24 respondents to the consultation. The detailed designs are being finalised in preparation for a safety audit, with a view to implementation of the scheme in Spring 2014.




Transport for London (TfL) would like to know your views on a proposal to close the access between the A316 Chertsey Road and the northern part of Cole Park Road.

Why We Are Consulting


Update (October 2013)

We have now assessed options for a partial closure. Compared with full closure, this would have significant safety disadvantages for pedestrians and cyclists on Chertsey Road.  We have also looked into the possibility of testing a temporary closure before making permanent changes to the road layout.  However, this would cause problems for large vehicles such as refuse collection, which would have to reverse for a considerable distance.   

We have discussed these findings with the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames, and the Cabinet Member for Highways and Streetscene has agreed with the other Ward Councillors that we should close the junction completely on a permanent basis. 

We are now continuing with the detailed design of the scheme and preparation of the necessary traffic orders, and aim to start implementation of the scheme in Spring 2014.


TfL have been made aware of "rat running" problems from traffic trying to avoid queues at the London Road roundabout and using Cole Park Road to access the A316 Chertsey Road. The London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and TfL have worked on a potential solution to this issue and are now seeking the views of the local community.

We propose to completely block vehicular access between the A316 and the northern section of Cole Park Road. We will install a turning circle so that vehicles are able to turn around safely at the end of the road, with double yellow lines around it so that parking does not prevent vehicles turning. We will construct a shared use footway across the junction, as well as a dropped kerb that will be placed on the turning circle to allow access for cyclists. The plan can be viewed here.

Depending on the views expressed during this consultation exercise, we will begin work to close the junction during early 2014.

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