Elsinore Way

Closed 21 Jun 2013

Opened 31 May 2013

Results updated 15 Jul 2013

The majority of those that responded, whether local residents or others, are strongly against the proposal for moving the kerb and providing shared space. 

Almost half of the local respondents argued that the kerb to the west of the junction is a more significant problem than the alignment to the east, and called for this to be cut back.

Next Steps

The immediate plans to proceed with the work have been suspended.  We will prepare a revised design that retains the cycle way and addresses the kerb line to the west of the junction, and a further consultation will take place shortly.



Transport for London (TfL) would like to know your views on a proposal to change the kerb line at the junction between the A316 Lower Richmond Road and Elsinore Way.

Why we are consulting

We have been made aware that vehicles using the turning facility at this junction are sometimes forced to over-run the kerb, entering the cycle lane that is adjacent to the road here.  There have also been collisions with the kerb build-out immediately west of the junction.  The London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and TfL have worked on a potential solution to this issue and are now seeking the views of the local community.

We propose to cut the kerb back between the bus stop and the junction with Elsinore Way, to allow more room for turning vehicles, please click here to view plan.

 We will replace the cycle lane that runs along the south side of the A316 with a shared cycle/pedestrian space in the area of this junction.  Signs will warn cyclists as they approach the junction and remind them of the care needed in the shared area.  We plan a full review of cycling routes along the A316 corridor later in 2013, and will be inviting views on this in due course. 

Depending on the views expressed during this consultation exercise, we will carry out the work during summer 2013.

Please let us have your view by completing the online consultation below by 21 June 2013.


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