London Road Sydenham Hill

Closed 5 Nov 2014

Opened 26 Sep 2014

Results Updated 15 Apr 2015

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback on our proposals to improve London Road and Sydenham Hill.  Your views are important to us.

We received feedback from twenty four people and after considering the points that you raised with us, we have decided to proceed with the improvements as previously described. 

Read the response to key issues raised.


Transport for London (TfL) propose to realign the pedestrian and cycle crossing on London Road in order to make the junction safer for cyclists and pedestrians at the junction of Sydenham Hill and the A205 London Road.


Why we consulted

At present, the crossing facility currently has two separate routes; one for cyclists and one for pedestrians which is positioned slightly further south. This causes confusion for road users, both for pedestrians waiting to cross and for cyclists approaching and crossing the junction.

We propose to join these separate crossings into a single Toucan Crossing. This require alterations to be made to the Central Island and the cycle lane either side of the junction.

In addition, the traffic signal equipment and road surface at this junction is in a poor condition.

What we consulted on

The proposed changes are:

  • Providing a toucan crossing on London Road for pedestrians and cyclists to use
  • Removing parts of cycle lands on London Road and Sydenham Hill to provide shared use spaces for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Widening the existing island on London Road to increase the stages between crossings and increase the area where people can wait between the two crossings
  • Moving the stop line on London Road and Sydenham Hill further back to accommodate Advanced Stop Lines for cyclists to wait in
  • Replacing the traffic signal equipment at the junction
  • Resurfacing the carriageway on and around the junction


Please view the illustrative map below for further details.

To view larger map please click here:

With the widening of the island, the carriageway will still be 6 metres wide on the westbound section of London Road. This will provide sufficient space for two vehicles to pass through the junction.

Our proposal would result in no changes to the crossing times or waiting times for pedestrians and other traffic.

Why We Are Consulting




  • Lewisham


  • Stakeholders
  • Local residents


  • Street Management