Pedestrian Crossings - Signal Trial

Closed 20 Jul 2012

Opened 18 Jun 2012


As part of the Mayor’s Transport Strategy’s objective to smooth traffic flow, a Performance Led Innovation at Traffic Signals Programme (PLIaTS) is being undertaken by TfL in order to continually improve the efficiency and performance of our traffic lights.

The programme will examine existing and new technologies combined with innovative thinking. Where appropriate, TfL will make recommendations for improvement and undertake trials.

The first trial relates to pedestrian crossing signals. At present, most operate with a push button used to call the green crossing figure located on the far side of the road in order to cross.  When this happens, the “WAIT” light is illuminated above the push button and subsequently the green pedestrian figure is displayed and the wait indicator goes out. If the person waiting to cross the road walks away or crosses in a gap in the traffic before the green crossing figure comes up, vehicles will still be stopped, even though no-one is waiting to cross the road. This results in frustration and unnecessary delay to drivers and cyclists.

During the summer of 2012, TfL is looking to trial technology which will allow the traffic signal controller (the grey box at the side of the road) to cancel the request to cross if nobody  is waiting to cross the road. The trial site is Parliament Square/St Margaret Street in Westminster and will be implemented in early August. The trial will run 24/7 for at least seven consecutive days.

Map showing location of trial site

View Parliament Square – Broad Sanctuary Traffic Signal in a larger map


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