Improving Tottenham Hale - Proposed reduction of the speed limits

Closed 18 Oct 2013

Opened 18 Sep 2013


As part of the Mayor of London’s commitment to supporting the regeneration of Tottenham, TfL are working with Haringey Council are improving the street environment and facilities. Over the next 18 months; we will remove the current one way system, create a bigger and better bus station, improve access for residents, reduce traffic speed and volume on Broad Lane and make the area more accessible for those walking or cycling.

Why We Are Consulting

We are proposing to introduce a lower speed limit of 20 miles per hour (mph) on Broad Lane and the surrounding roads within the current one-way system.  Please see the maps below for further information.

Broad Lane

We are proposing to introduce a number of measures to slow traffic down and reduce the impact it has on those living and working along Broad Lane. The lower speed limit would be enforced with new speed cushions, additionally there will be three raised zebra crossing points to slow traffic.  We also propose to raise the hight of the road surface at a number of side road junctions so that it is level with the footway.

We will be widening the footways along Broad Lane and planting new trees at key points, further helping to reduce the speed of traffic.

Broad Lane will remain a red route, no stopping 7am – 7pm restrictions.  We are proposing to alter the current red box loading (and disabled parking) bays so that they are white box ‘Parking Bays’ that any vehicle can use for a maximum of 30 minutes. No vehicle should return to the bay within two hours.

Haringey Council's 20mph zone

To link in with the improvements being proposed for Broad Lane, Haringey Council are proposing to lower the speed limit to 20mph on all the roads within the current one-way system (bounded by Broad Lane, High Road and Monument Way). The existing speed cushions would be replaced with speed humps on Antill Road, Springfield Road and Tynemouth Road. Additionally, at a number of junctions kerbs will be lowered and tactile paving installed to allow everybody to cross the roads safely and conveniently. No changes are planned to other existing traffic calming measures in this area.

The location of the speed humps and new lower kerbs are shown here on a map. The council will also plant new trees at a few locations as part of this package of measures.

Please give us your views by completing the online consultation form below by Friday 18 October 2013.


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