Taxi Fares and Tariffs Consultation 2015

Closed 5 Dec 2014

Opened 7 Nov 2014



What are we proposing?

We are seeking views on changes to taxi fares and tariffs in London, to take place in April 2015. 

Transport for London (TfL) licenses and regulates taxi and private hire services in London. As part of this, we set the maximum fares that taxis (black cabs or ‘hackney carriages’) can charge. These fares are determined by tariffs that are reviewed each year and normally changed in early April, to reflect changes in a Cost Index that reflects the costs of operating a taxi.

Previous tariff reviews have followed three basic principles:

  • Using the taxi cost index to guide the increase in average fares;
  • Maintaining reasonable differentials between the day, evening/weekend and late night tariffs;
  • Maintaining a reasonable progression of fare with journey length.


We propose to change taxi fares on this basis from 11 April 2015.  Using the best information currently available, we would increase average taxi fares by 0.3 per cent.

We also propose to continue the present arrangement that allows taxi drivers to add an extra charge of 40 pence if fuel prices increase significantly.


We are seeking the views of anyone with interest in these matters on these proposals.  Please let us know your views by completing the questionnaire by Friday 5 December 2014.

The responses to this consultation will be considered and taken into account in deciding whether to act on these proposals, or other proposals that are put forward. If appropriate, the TfL Board will be invited to approve changes to appropriate Regulations.

We would expect the TfL Board to approve any changes at its meeting in February 2015. Following the Board’s meeting we will make an announcement confirming any approved changes and their implementation. We plan to introduce any revised tariff on Saturday 11 April 2015.

A summary of the responses will be published after the consultation period ends.

Additional information

Background information and discussion of the details of these proposals is available here

Enquiries about this consultation can be made by email to, with 'Taxi tariff 2015’ in the subject line.

A PDF version of the information on this website (including background and additional information) can be downloaded here




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