Taxi Fare and Tariff review 2017

Closed 19 Feb 2017

Opened 10 Jan 2017

Results Updated 9 Apr 2018

Following a review of the consultation responses, revised recommendations for changes to the taxi fares and tariffs were submitted to the TfL Board for consideration. The TfL Board approved the proposals and the changes to the taximeter specification came into effect on Saturday 3 June 2017.

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What are we proposing?

Taxi fares are normally revised every April and the revision is based on changes to a cost index in use since 1981. The index combines changes in operating costs with changes in national earnings, to produce a change in average fares aimed at maintaining drivers’ earnings.

In February 2016, the TfL Board requested a review of the current taxi fares and tariffs structure. This was requested because of concerns that taxi fares and tariffs were considered too high by the public and also some taxi drivers - research carried out in 2015 showed that just under two thirds (61 per cent) of taxi passengers thought that taxi fares were much or a little too expensive.

We commissioned consultants to carry out a full in-depth and independent review of taxi fares and tariffs and a number of other related issues. In response to the recommendations, we are now consulting on proposed changes to taxi fares and tariffs.

Below are several documents related to this consultation.

Please click here to view our consultation document (PDF)

Please click here to view the Taxi Fare and Tariff Review 2016 document (PDF)

Please click here to view the Cost Index and Tariff Information document (PDF)

Please click here to view the Taximeter Specification document (PDF)

Have your say

Consultees are invited to comment on any aspect of the proposals or make other suggestions and, in particular, are invited to provide any evidence relevant to issues or proposals that are discussed.

Please give us your views by completing the online survey below by Sunday 19 February 2017.

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