Sutton Link: Route Option 3 – Wimbledon to Sutton town centre

Closed 6 Jan 2019

Opened 31 Oct 2018


Route Option 3 – Wimbledon to Sutton town centre

A route from Wimbledon station to Sutton town centre, mostly using the existing Sutton Loop rail line. It would interchange with the existing London Trams network, District line and National Rail services at Wimbledon. A tram would be suitable for route option 3, but this route is not suitable for a BRT service as it could not operate into Wimbledon station.

Figure 4 – Route Option 3 – Wimbledon to Sutton town centre

Route Option 3 – Wimbledon to Sutton town centre


  • Most current National Rail stations on the Sutton Loop between Wimbledon and Sutton would have a higher frequency, turn-up-and-go service
  • Step-free access provided at stations on the Sutton Loop served by trams
  • Least use of roads, meaning less congestion for the Sutton Link service and for other traffic
  • Least negative impact on open space, trees and property
  • An interchange with a range of rail services at Wimbledon for connections to central London and elsewhere
  • Interchange with Sutton and Wimbledon National Rail stations including the District line
  • Least disruption to the road network during construction
  • Lowest cost tram option


  • No significant journey time improvements for most passengers compared to today
  • Least effective option for improving the public transport network in less well connected areas of Merton and Sutton such as St Helier Avenue, Rosehill and Angel Hill
  • Thameslink would no longer serve stations on Sutton Loop line between Wimbledon and West Sutton stations
  • Limited connectivity to the existing tram network
  • No interchange with the Northern line
  • Extensive works required at Wimbledon station with significant disruption to rail and existing tram users
  • This option would need to be coordinated with the proposed Crossrail 2 station in Wimbledon which could delay the delivery of the Sutton Link by several years to coincide with the Crossrail 2 construction programme
  • Construction would displace allotments north of Sutton town centre

Further information on Route Option 3 is available in Factsheet No.3 – Route Option 3 – Wimbledon to Sutton town centre (PDF 445KB)


  • Merton
  • Sutton


  • Anyone from any background


  • Buses
  • Trams