Bank station capacity upgrade

Closed 31 Jul 2013

Opened 6 Oct 2011


In autumn 2011, Transport for London (TfL) began a consultation on a project to expand the capacity of Bank station. The proposal includes building a new Northern line southbound running tunnel that will create more platform space, interchange tunnels and an additional station entrance. TfL received more than 200 responses to the consultation, which have been used in the next stage of the project.


September 2013 Update

We are still proposing to make substantial improvements at Bank. We have made some changes since our last consultation, so from 4 October 2013 we will again be seeking your views. Please visit between 4 October and 8 November to find out more and have your say.


November 2012 Update

The London Underground project team have now issued the Invitation to Tender (ITT) for the Bank Station Capacity Upgrade project.  A new process called Innovative Contractor Engagement (or ICE) has been used to pre-qualify four bidding construction groups and develop the Invitation to Tender. Instead of running a competitive tender using London Underground’s fixed design, the project team instead issued a basic set of Project Requirements:

  • Relieve congestion on the Northern line platforms and interchange routes
  • Provide step-free access between Northern line, DLR and street level
  • Improve fire evacuation time for these areas of the station.


These pre-qualified bidders were given LU’s project design that has been recently developed. Next the bidders went through a confidential review phase to develop new innovative ideas and designs. The goal of this phase was to improve the project’s business case, reduce the amount of time taken to deliver the project and the construction’s impact, while meeting the project’s requirements. Using these innovations, the project team have now issued the ITT with the goal of awarding the main contract in the summer next year.

Once the contract is awarded London Underground will begin the work to apply for a Transport and Works Act Order in 2014. More consultation events will be held next year as the project’s design is developed into further detail.

This pilot of the ICE process is being closely observed by government, through Infrastructure UK as a possible model to be adopted for projects across the UK.



TfL has begun a new process of involving four leading construction groups to review the project’s design and construction methods. This review will give an opportunity to incorporate recent innovations and technology, which may save time, reduce construction impacts and the overall cost. One of the groups will be selected to build the project while the others will be paid for any innovations they contribute.

Property and station entrance

TfL is investigating two options for acquiring land to build the project and locate a new station entrance. The base option of acquiring 10 King William Street was shown in the previous consultation. The preferred option is to extend the amount of land to all properties within the block of King William Street, Cannon Street, Abchurch Lane and Nicholas Lane. This will allow for more efficient working and reduce environmental impacts on the surrounding area. This option will affect more businesses and individuals who occupy or have an interest in the existing properties.

TfL is considering three options for locating the station entrance. These are illustrated in the plans below. If the base option of acquiring 10 King William Street is used then only Location 1 is possible. If the preferred option to extend this to six properties is used, any of the three locations could be chosen.

In all options, a building to replace the demolished properties must be developed over the new station entrance. This over-site development will comply with the City of London Corporation planning policies.


Next steps

Now until 2014

Review of design and selection of construction groups

Consultation on options


Transport and Works Act Order submission


Powers granted


Start construction




Background to the project

More people are using the Tube than ever before. The Bank - Monument station is the fourth busiest interchange on the network and is a major station in the heart of the City of London. In recent times the number of interchange journeys made at Bank have risen by over 40% and the number of passengers entering and leaving the station has increased by 25 – 30%.

As Bank station becomes busier, congestion will increasingly become a problem.  The Northern line platforms suffer the worst crowding particularly in the peak periods. Passageways to the DLR, Central line and station exits also experience congestion with queues forming for stairs and escalators.

Future forecasts show demand for the station is growing. Crowding at the station will become worse unless the station is upgraded to provide more capacity.

Relief for your congestion

London Underground is working closely with the City of London Corporation to reduce crowding and improve access to Bank station.

The proposed project will provide:

  • A new ticket hall at King William Street
  • A set of 4 large (40 person) lifts to a new Northern line level concourse
  • A new southbound running tunnel creating widened Northern line platforms
  • Additional passageways to the DLR and Central line.


The proposed project will deliver:

  • Increased capacity for the Northern line platforms
  • Step free access from King William Street to the Northern line and DLR
  • Increased interchange capacity between Northern and Central lines and DLR.


The station upgrade will complement the Northern line signalling upgrade which will be complete in 2014.


Construction and environmental impacts

The majority of works are below ground level apart from the new station entrance area. Options for construction worksites are being assessed.

The proposed works are complex. Disruption to neighboursand customers will be kept to a minimum during construction and environmental impacts will be managed through industry best practices.

First round of leaflet and website responses – common questions and answers

The first project leaflet was distributed early in October.  Over 22,000 leaflets were distributed to customers at Bank and Monument station and also delivered to over 2,000 businesses.  As of 24 November, 189 responses have been received either online or by post.  65% of responses approve of the proposed project, 18% have provided neutral comments on the project and 6% disapprove due to the potential disruption the project will cause.  The remaining proportion make no comments about the project.  Of the comments received, the most common themes or questions asked are:

  • Can the project be delivered sooner?
  • What kind of disruption will happen to the station, Tube services and the area around the station?
  • Has the project team considered other alternatives to the project?


The project team has compiled a full list of commonly asked questions and answers. These can be found below.

Have a question for the project team?

You can email us at write to us at FREEPOST BANK STATION UPGRADE.

You can have your say on the proposed scheme by completing the online form.

What Happens Next

We are currently reveiwing comments and responding to questions. This page will be updated as plans progress.


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