Improving capacity at Camden Town station

Closed 18 Aug 2017

Opened 22 Jun 2017

Results updated 20 Oct 2020

The latest updates are on the Camden station capacity improvements and projects page.

Results Updated 11 Dec 2018

We published our updated Business Plan on 11 December 2018. This covers the period 2018/19 to 2023/24. It fully aligns with the Mayor’s Transport Strategy and outlines how we will continue to invest in the vital transport improvements London needs.

We are managing a number of financial challenges. A subdued economy across the UK has slowed down the number of passenger journeys across the country and reduced fare revenue. We have also experienced unprecedented cuts to our operational funding from the Government over the last five years, with funding cut by average £700m a year. The recent announcement by Crossrail Ltd that there would be a delay to the opening of the Elizabeth line has added to these financial challenges.

In the updated Business Plan the Camden Town Station Capacity Upgrade project is  placed on-hold until suitable capital funding becomes available.

We have made significant progress on the project, including developing the scheme proposals, carrying out public consultation and safeguarding the scheme by purchasing land. This will enable us to consider alternative delivery options including potential third party investment to further progress the scheme.

We are still very committed to the project. Ahead of the Government’s comprehensive spending review next year we will be making the case for long-term, steady and sustained investment to ensure critical infrastructure projects such as Camden Town can continue so London’s transport network can support the demands of all those who live, work or visit our city.  

Results Updated 22 Mar 2018

Last year we held a second consultation on our proposals to substantially upgrade the capacity of Camden Town Station.

We received 608 responses to the consultation. 597 were from members of the public and 11 responses were from stakeholders and interest groups. 97 per cent of respondents supported our proposals (90 per cent strongly supported and 7 per cent partially supported).

The full report detailing our analysis of the consultation and our response to the main issues raised are available below.

Consultation Report (PDF 5.34MB)

Response to Issues Raised (PDF 295KB)

We anticipate a further consultation later in 2018 on how the proposed second  entrance might be built and how we would manage the impacts of the construction. We will apply for permission to carry out the capacity upgrade through a Transport and Works Act Order (TWAO).

If you have any questions regarding the consultation, please contact us at:


This consultation is now closed.

Thank you to everyone who responded. We are currently analysing the responses. We’ll publish our report here and let respondents know when we do so.

Update ends

We are proposing to substantially upgrade the capacity of Camden Town station and provide step-free access. We would like to hear your views.

The station needs improving so that it can properly support the vibrant local community and economy. We want to deliver an upgrade that will provide a much better experience for customers using the station.

Our proposals include a second entrance on Buck Street, new escalators and lifts, and more space to change between trains.

Our proposals do not involve any changes to the Electric Ballroom, Camden Market or Trinity United Reformed Church, and we will preserve the existing station.

In autumn 2015 we held our first public consultation on these proposals and 95% of respondents agreed that a station capacity upgrade was needed.

We consulted on a building above and around the proposed station entrance in January 2017. We have to make a separate planning application to Camden Council in late 2017. This would be built after the new entrance is complete.

We have continued to develop our plans using your feedback.

Our second public consultation on the station capacity upgrade, is open until 18 August 2017.

This is part of TfL and the Mayor, Sadiq Khan’s commitment to improving capacity and accessibility across London Underground. We have allocated funds in our Business Plan.

We are holding a public exhibition at Trinity United Reformed Church, Buck Street, NW1 8NJ at the times below. Please come and visit us there and find out more:

  • Thursday 13 July         12:00 until 20:00
  • Friday 14 July                12:00 until 20:00
  • Saturday 15 July          11:00 until 16:00

The display boards from the public exhibition can be downloaded here (PDF)

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

If you would like to go straight to a particular topic please use the links below:

The need

We asked, you said, we did

Our proposal – overview

Our proposal – increasing capacity

Our proposal – step-free access

Our proposal – the current station entrance

How have our proposals changed from the last consultation

Future consultation


How to reply

We would like to know whether you support our proposals for capacity improvements at Camden Town station and if you have any comments about them. The deadline for responses is Friday 18 August 2017.

Image showing existing and proposed new station entrance


Click here for a larger image (PDF) 

The need

• The station is too small for current demand, leading to crowding and queuing

• There is no step-free access

• Customers entering, leaving and changing between trains have to cut across each other, creating congestion and delays

• There are only two escalators, which we have to make one-way at busy times

• On Saturdays, customers must use a spiral staircase to get to platform level

• On Sundays when the station is exit only, many customers have to use other stations or buses

• As the population of London and Camden continues to grow, with increases in employment and housing, demand at the station will increase further

• By 2021, passenger demand at the station is expected to grow by a further 40 % on weekdays. If we do nothing the congestion will get worse

We asked, you said, we did

For a detailed breakdown of all the comments received and our response, visit our first consultation report:

Our proposal – overview

Benefits would include:

• A second entrance to the station, positioned on Buck Street, providing direct access to Camden High Street and Kentish Town Road

• Three additional new escalators

• Step-free access from street to trains via two new lifts

• New interchange routes between Northern line platforms

• A station that remains open during busy periods, removing the need for frequent crowd control

• Less crowding outside the existing station entrance on weekends

• Shorter walking distances between the new station entrance and the north part of Camden, including Camden Lock

Part of the Buck Street site was previously occupied by Hawley Infants School, which has now moved to Hawley Road. We believe this location would best limit the impact construction would have on the local community (see factsheet 1) and discussions continue with Camden Council to secure this land. We are also talking with the owners of 25 Kentish Town Road to include this property in our proposals.

Indicative sketch showing proposed new station entrance on Buck Street and existing station entrance

Click here for a larger image (PDF)

Our proposal – increasing capacity

A new entrance on Buck Street would provide much needed extra space for customers. This would also reduce pressure on the existing ticket hall.

Our design would triple the size of the station.

It also provides two new lifts and three additional escalators.  A central concourse would create new access to each of the four platforms, which would reduce congestion at important points throughout the station.

The proposals would improve customer journey times and reduce congestion and queuing outside station entrances. It would be easier to enter and exit the station and change between trains.

The new station entrance would also allow customers to obtain journey information and travel assistance, and to purchase tickets.

 Cut-away view of entrance level and northbound interchange

Click here for a larger image (PDF)

Our proposal – step-free access

Camden Town station does not currently have step-free access.

The new station entrance on Buck Street would have two lifts that would provide step-free access from the street to trains. There would also be more step-free access space to change between trains, plus three new escalators.

This would offer more travel options and in particular benefit:

• Older people

• Disabled people

• Parents and carers with children and pushchairs

• People with heavy luggage or shopping

Cut-away view showing step-free access routes from street to trains

Click here for a larger image (PDF)

Our proposal – the current station entrance

Construction of the new entrance is expected to take around four years. During this time, to minimise disruption, the existing entrance would remain open.

We anticipate that the station would need to close for around five weekends towards the end of construction.  This would allow us to join up the two entrances and break through to the platforms.  We would make sure there is advance warning of any closures.

We estimate that 70% of customers head north when leaving the existing station, and 30% go south. We don’t expect this to change, so the majority of people would use the new entrance.

During normal operation, customers could enter and exit the station using both entrances.

The new station entrance would reduce the current congestion at the station.

The existing station would stay as it is. We plan to improve the control centre which runs the station. We will consider any further improvements to the existing station at a later date.


How have our proposals changed from the last consultation


We have continued to use feedback to shape our proposals.

Our latest design:

• Reduces the depth of the new station

• Reduces the scale of tunnelling

• Improves passageway connections to the platforms

• Alters the position of the new entrance on Buck Street

Benefits of the changes

• Reduces the size of the excavation needed and the amount of waste to be removed

• Reduces the number of lorry movements

• Minimises utility works and diversions

• Reduces the time needed to build the second entrance

• Ensures passengers can move more freely around the station

• Provides greater visibility of the station entrance from both Camden High Street and Kentish Town Road

Diagram showing changes to the the entrance level and northbound interchange

Click here for a larger image (PDF)

Future consultation

We plan to carry out another public consultation in 2018. This will focus on how we build the new entrance and manage the construction impacts.

We would agree a Code of Construction Practice with Camden Council, setting out the required standards and construction techniques. It would cover:

• Air quality

• Contaminated land

• Construction noise and vibration mitigation scheme

• Ecology

• Energy management

• General site operations

• Ground movement

• Historic environment

• Materials and waste management

• Traffic and transport

Increasing the capacity of Camden Town station supports the Mayor’s approach to “Healthy Streets” which prioritises walking, cycling and public transport to create a healthy city.

Camden Council will lead on the consultation on changes to the public realm on Buck Street.

Indicative sketch showing proposed new station entrance

Click here for a larger image (PDF)


What will happen next?

• Your views will be taken into account as we develop the scheme

• A summary of responses will be published online at tfl

• We will apply to the Secretary of State for Transport for a Transport and Works Act Order which would give us powers to build the scheme

• There is likely to be a public inquiry

• If permission is granted, the upgrade would start in 2020 and take about four years to complete.

Click here for a larger image (PDF)

We have produced a number of factsheets which provide further information


  1. Project overview
  2. Consultation and engagement
  3. Code of Construction Practice
  4. Tunnelling and ground movement
  5. Heritage, townscape and visual impact
  6. Timeline
  7. Transport and Works Act Order
  8. Funding and finance
  9. Public safety, security and crime prevention
  10. Responsible procurement

Equality Impact Assessment 


Our first public consultation on Camden Town station capacity upgrade in Autumn 2015

The development above the proposed new second entrance for Camden Town station on Buck Street



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