Bakerloo Line Extension - Consultation Report in chapters

Closed 7 Dec 2014

Opened 30 Sep 2014


Between 30 September and 7 December 2014, a consultation was held on extending the Bakerloo line from Elephant & Castle station through Southwark towards Lewisham, Bromley and Hayes. Thank you to all those who took part in this consultation.

More than 15,000 responses were received from members of the public and stakeholders offering their views on the extension’s proposals. Overall, there was a very high level of support for the principle of an extension to the Bakerloo line. More than ninety five percent or responses expressed support for the principle of extending the Bakerloo line.

For more detailed information on the consultation responses please see the report, which is broken down by chapter, below.


1. Executive summary


2. Introduction

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Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C


3. Overview of consultation responses


4.Consultation findings – views on the principle of extending the Bakerloo line

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Appendix D


5. Consultation findings – views on the extension on the basis of it enabling new development in southeast London

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Appendix E


6. Consultation findings – tunnelled section: Old Kent Road Option 1a

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Appendix F


7. Consultation findings – tunnelled section: Camberwell Option 1b

Related appendix:

Appendix G


8. Consultation findings – terminating at Lewisham

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Appendix H


9. Consultation findings – possible extension to Beckenham Junction and Hayes

Related appendix:

Appendix I


10. Consultation findings – tunnelled extension to Bromley town centre

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Appendix J


11. Consultation findings – other routes and options

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Appendix K


12. Other responses from members of the public

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Appendix L


13. Responses from stakeholders

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Appendix A


14. Summary and conclusions


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